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Advice for Moms Over 40

In my twenties, I was too busy figuring out who I was to think about having kids. By the time I was in my thirties, I knew that even though I was still figuring out who I was. Now I am in my early 40s and I sure wish I had the energy I did in my 20s. Looking for advice for moms over 40? Here’s a somewhere to start.

5 Ways to Have Fun This Summer!

The summer is half way over, and there’s still lots of summer fun to be had! When the kids are done with summer camp, and complaining of boredom, here’s 5 ways to have fun this summer.


Angel Food Cake Kabobs with Vanilla Honey Yogurt Dip

Make these Angel Food Cake Kabobs in just minutes! They’re super easy and sure to be a big hit! You’ll love the easy summer dessert with your favorite berries & a delicious dip!

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