Keep your baby “close enough to kiss” with an ERGObaby Carrier


There has been a lot of talk lately about babywearing. Some of the articles you have read have generalized that babywearing is unsafe and only done because it is considered “fashionable” When in truth, if practiced correctly, babywearing is SAFE and can be a wonderful way to connect with your child. Now, I’ve tried a […]

The Learning Tower…Observe, Participate, Create

If you’ve ever had a little one push a stool up to the counter to help you bake cookies, or climb precariously on a chair to work on an art project, you’ve probably experienced some tears, bumps and bruises. Sure, that comes with childhood and growing up. There is also a solution. We had the […]

The next Iron Chef?

Arriving in record time on my doorstep was a well-packaged box from Guidecraft. Adorned with a brightly colored photo identifying the contents inside “Kitchenette-Natural” , I knew I had to work fast while the toddler slept. I was impressed by how well the pieces were packed in the carton. Well protected with Styrofoam, I pulled […]

Looking for a new water bottle? Check out lifefactory!

Not too long ago, I came home to a padded FedEx envelope on my doorstep. Inside were my lifefactory silicone covered glass bottles. Reason to like #1 – these bottles are obviously durable. Reason to like #2 – hello, glass! No BPA! Glass also means that the lifefactory bottle don’t absorb any funky flavors and […]

End Pacifier Woes with the BinkiBear

Pacifier woes? The BinkiBear solves the problems of the pacifier, allowing parents to choose to use the pacifier without most of the adverse effects that come with it! The BinkiBear is a baby safe, 100% cotton teddy bear that instantly gives you that transitional object, reducing the addiction (and hopefully the battle) later. Instead of […]

LeapFrog’s Leapster Explorer

Today, one of my favorite kids companies announced their latest and greatest in gaming for the preschool and school-age set! The LeapFrog Leapster Explorer Learning Game System!! The Explorer is the latest and greatest in handheld gaming devices for kids 4-9 years old. Don’t be fooled though, my 2 ½ year old loves it! The […]