It’s time to brush your teeth! ~ Listerine Oral Care Challenge

Every night, before bed… “It’s time to brush your teeth, it’s time to brush your teeth, oh yes it is, you know it is, it’s time to brush your teeth. You brush them left and right, you brush them left and right, you brush and brush and brush and brush, you brush them every night. […]

New Years Resolutions…

I don’t do them. I’m going to forget about them by the middle of February anyway, who am I kidding. I do however, have total respect for people who make realistic New Years resolutions and then keep them. I’d love to have your motivation. Instead, this year, I’m committing to a Day Zero Project (which actually […]

Day Zero Project {take two}

The Day Zero Project is essentially a list of 101 things that you plan to do in the next 1001 days. I started one last year around this time and well, promptly “forgot” about it. So here we are, almost a new year, and I’m going to try again. I have no idea what happened […]

Curl up next to Disney’s Magical Fireplace… {giveaway}

Disney's Magical Fireplace

I tended to Disney’s Magical Fireplace this evening, the fire on my flat screen tv. My cat even curled up underneath, fooled by the crackling flames. (I guess it helps that the baseboard heater is below the TV, which hangs on the wall) We’ve been enjoying Disney’s Magical Fireplace and it’s just delightful. Our favorite […]

Mission Angel Giveaway

Enter to win $10 Paypal Cash as part of the Mission Angel Giveaway. It’s as simple as entering on the Rafflecopter form below.

Mission Angel: A Giveaway Event that GIVES BACK #MissionAngel

Mission Angel   We have got an exciting Giveaway for you this week! We’re calling it Mission Angel because the Grand Prize Winner and the Bonus Winner will both be able to share their prize with someone else. They will have a chance to be an angel to someone else! We were so inspired over […]