Wishes do come true…

Holiday Gift Guide Picks - For the Stocking or Hostess! Wishes are magical, and making them should be fun! Flying Wish Paper is a wishing activity kit for holidays, birthdays, weddings...anything … [Read more...]

Cool mist humidifiers… the safer choice.

crane owl, crane humidifier

Holiday Gift Guide Picks - For the Home Winter is here in Seattle, and while we may be in our rainy season, many of us still use cool mist humidifiers as a precaution or because our children are … [Read more...]

It’s going to happen any day now, the arrival of the first holiday card…

holiday cards, christmas cards

It's finally happened. The refrigerator is no longer large enough to display all of the Holiday cards we receive. Sadly, the solution is NOT to get a larger refrigerator. :) About two years ago … [Read more...]