ONE DAY Amazon Gift Card Giveaway #12DaysGalore

Because we weren’t happy with JUST giving away fabulous prizes, we present to you…. 8 Days of Daily Flash Giveaways Galore Just when you thought the 12 Days of Gifts Galore Event couldn’t get any better than this, we go and bring you something a little extra. From now through the end of the event […]

Pillow Pets – Now on Nintendo DS!!

Holiday Gift Guide Picks – Video Games Wait? There is a game based on Pillow Pets? Seriously? I thought Pillow Pets were those odd blanket pillow things I see on endcaps at my local Fred Meyer… Well, they are. 🙂 So if your child loves Pillow Pets, and has a Nintendo DS, there is a […]

Holiday Gift Guide Radio Show Giveaway!

My friend Rebecca Michi and I have been talking about doing a radio show for ages now, so when she asked me to join her on her show today to chat about holiday gifts, I thought it was a great idea. Rebecca Michi is a amazing parenting coach who hosts a weekly radio show on […]