Letters {365.35}

If we go somewhere where there are letters, Sebby will find them. … [Read more...]

Safety first {365.34}

airline safety

Quincy double checks the safety guidelines with Hawaiian Airlines. … [Read more...]

Final sunset {365.33}


Last sunset at dinner in Hawaii... … [Read more...]

iPhone fun! {365.32}

Quincy and I playing with the iPhone at sunset... … [Read more...]

Koi feeding time {365.31}

feeding the koi

Time to feed the Koi. Sebby and his Daddy. … [Read more...]

Cinnamon’s Red Velvet Pancakes {365.30}

red velvet pancakes

New friend Genesis told us about Cinnamon's Restaurant. Thanks to the Internet, I learned about their Red Velvet pancakes. Yes, I know red is not a flavor and they are full of dye, but they were so … [Read more...]

Stevie {365.29}

Kristin, our Pregnancy and Newborn Writer is also a friend. Her daughter Stevie Joy, was born still on May 28, 2010. I wrote her name in the sand in her memory while I was in Hawaii. … [Read more...]

Waves {365.28}

North Shore

There was a high surf warning at the North Shore - Banzai Pipeline. Trust me, the waves are much bigger than they appear. … [Read more...]

Hawaiian Sunset {365.27}

hawaii sunset

We went on an impromptu trip to Hawaii... lucky us right? Here's the sunset the first night. … [Read more...]

A missed photo {365.25}

Somehow I missed a photo today. I blame the craziness of planning to go out of town. … [Read more...]

Dolly {365.24}

Quincy's dolly

Quincy's dolly from her Nanni. :) … [Read more...]

Bathing suits {365.23}


Last minute tickets to Hawaii mean last minute bathing suit purchases... … [Read more...]