Have you picked up Lady and the Tramp on Blu-Ray yet?

Coming in at 95th, and one of two animated films, Disney’s Lady and the Tramp made American Film Institutes’s top 100 Greatest Love Stories of All Time. It’s easy to understand why, it’s such a wonderful story. Here’s a cute clip where two real dogs re-enact Bella Notte! Cute right! No dog I ever had […]

We LOVE Minnie!

Last week we received a copy of I Heart Minnie, a new Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times we’ve watched it. Whether it’s when he first gets up in the morning, or home from his Pre-K class, my son shouts “I LOVE MINNIE” and he does. So […]

Skip a day of scooping the poop with ARM & HAMMER® Ultra Last™ Clumping Cat Litter

Now, my cat Jhana would likely pitch a fit if I tried to go more than a day without scooping the cat litter in her cat box. She likes a pristine box. And I can’t say I blame her one bit. You flush every time, right? She is really particular, and since she’s 18 years […]

Cupcake face waiting for a friend {365.46}

Quincy and I waiting for her occupational therapist, Becky, to join us for a cupcake date.