Everyone’s Favorite Fashionista {365.75}

Sweet Quincy rockin her mini Maven t-shirt and Petit Couture petticoat. Yes, she dresses better than me. … [Read more...]

The Muppets ~ Fozzie’s Wocka Wocka 101

Simply click on the image of Fozzie to download his Wocka Wocka 101! … [Read more...]

The Muppets – Swedish Chef & Pepe’s Recipes!

Simply click on the image of the Swedish Chef & Pepe to download some yummy recipes! … [Read more...]

The Muppets – Coloring & Activities

Simply click the image of Kermit to download fun printable activities! … [Read more...]

The Muppet Games {a parody}

Are you Hungry? … [Read more...]

The Muppets! {Don’t worry, I won’t tell you how it ends!}

Muppets Wocka Wocka

I suppose if I was a bigger fan could tell you the exact moment I found out that The Muppets were returning to the big screen. I KNOW it was a movie preview, which narrows it down considerably because … [Read more...]

Free Sneakers During March for LIKING Del Monte Fresh

500 Sneaker March

Do you eat the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables everyday? In an effort to motivate people to get healthy by exercising and eating more fruits and vegetables, Del Monte Fresh Produce will … [Read more...]