Everyone’s Favorite Fashionista {365.75}

Sweet Quincy rockin her mini Maven t-shirt and Petit Couture petticoat. Yes, she dresses better than me.

The Muppets ~ Fozzie’s Wocka Wocka 101

Simply click on the image of Fozzie to download his Wocka Wocka 101!

The Muppets – Swedish Chef & Pepe’s Recipes!

Simply click on the image of the Swedish Chef & Pepe to download some yummy recipes!

The Muppets – Coloring & Activities

Simply click the image of Kermit to download fun printable activities!

The Muppet Games {a parody}

Are you Hungry?

The Muppets! {Don’t worry, I won’t tell you how it ends!}

Muppets Wocka Wocka

I suppose if I was a bigger fan could tell you the exact moment I found out that The Muppets were returning to the big screen. I KNOW it was a movie preview, which narrows it down considerably because I don’t make it to that many premieres. Growing up with The Muppets, I was pretty […]