Remembering childhood nursery rhymes…

Nursery Rhymes

Quincy and I have been enjoying a new DVD, "The Classic Nursery Rhymes Collection", it's a re-release from a 1982 VHS, full of delightful nursery songs and images and animations that will take you … [Read more...]

Grill on! #GrillAmbassador

McCormick Grill Mates®

You'd never know it was summer in Seattle, BECAUSE IT KEEPS RAINING! Do you know how hard it is to have people over to grill when it's raining? Yeah. not gonna happen. Booo! Two weeks ago the skies … [Read more...]

I’m a live near water kind of girl…

Discover Boating

Some of you may not know I grew up in a sleepy (except during the summer) beach town. The kind of town where they turned off the traffic lights in the winter. A small barrier island off the coast of … [Read more...]

Pick up the Princess Diaries & Princess Diaries 2 on Blu-Ray + DVD today!

The Princess Diaries

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of a cherished family classic, Disney proudly presents a special movie collection featuring two modern-day fairy tales, The Princess Diaries and The Princess … [Read more...]