Beautiful fashions from Tea Collection.

Tea Collection

I love the new fall line from Tea Collection. Especially the look above. Except that it's still summer, and while that sweater is just stunning, well, you know, there is the whole temperature thing. … [Read more...]

Um, that Joovy Bicycoo is supposed to be your brothers! {@Joovy Mom Review}

Noise Girls

Not to long ago, a Joovy Bicycoo arrived for Sebby and I to review. Now, Sebby is a funny kid, and not your typical 4 year old (yay Autism, right?) even so, I thought he'd be over the moon about his … [Read more...]

Did you know Dansko Footwear has BOOTS??!?!?!?


When I finalized my plans for BlogHer, I knew I needed a new pair of shoes. I immediately went to the Dansko Footwear website (of course, right?) and checked my options. I wanted something other than … [Read more...]