Rwanda Path to Peace: “Trade, Not Aid”

Sometimes special review opportunities come my way, and thanks to my friend Danielle, at Simmoworks Family Blog, I had the opportunity to learn about a wonderful cause, and add a beautiful … [Read more...]

There’s something for dad from the @NoiseGirls For the Family Giveaway! #ngfamily

You didn't think we'd leave out Dad did you? From now until September 22nd, you have a chance to win over $3390 in prizes in the Noise Girls For the Family Giveaway Event! You can check out the … [Read more...]

Shopping fun with @lovefabkids

For anyone who knows Quincy, they know she is little Miss Personality. I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that she was 8 weeks early - she's full of spunk! Shopping for Quincy is always … [Read more...]