What are your best time saving tips? #mytimeheroes

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As a mom of two (and almost three) I need to do things to save time – which I don’t nearly have enough of. I try and find simple time saving tips I can do to make my days a little easier, without driving myself nutty! Here are some of my favorite time saving tips. […]

I made – January Photo a Day #7sDDPhotoaDay

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I had intentions of making cookies today, pulled out what I thought was all the ingredients. Realized I didn’t have baking powder. Le sigh. But… because of me buying lots of My Little Ponies for Quincy, her brother is turning into a Brony. So I kinda made that, right? January Photo a Day Want to […]

Keep your New Years resolution to get fit!

Get where you want to be. With Aria, track your weight, % body fat, and BMI over time with a host of online graphs and mobile tools to help you reach your goals

Last week I had lunch with my fabulous contact at AT&T. In addition to a great lunch we talked about what we could do for you all, my readers! One of the things that came up was new years resolutions to get fit, and the tools available to help people get and stay on track. […]