Archives for January 25, 2013

What are your best time saving tips? #mytimeheroes

As a mom of two (and almost three) I need to do things to save time - which I don't nearly have enough of. I try and find simple time saving tips I can do to make my days a little easier, without … [Read more...]

I made – January Photo a Day #7sDDPhotoaDay

I had intentions of making cookies today, pulled out what I thought was all the ingredients. Realized I didn't have baking powder. Le sigh. But... because of me buying lots of My Little Ponies for … [Read more...]

Keep your New Years resolution to get fit!

Last week I had lunch with my fabulous contact at AT&T. In addition to a great lunch we talked about what we could do for you all, my readers! One of the things that came up was new years … [Read more...]