Ways OTHER than formula to breastfeed longer

breastfeed longer

You know I don’t post ranty posts too often. It’s just not my style. But when something gets under my skin and I think the message is important, well… Tonight I received a press release (surprise surprise) with the following subject line: “Early Formula Use Helps Some Mothers Breastfeed Longer” I’m not going to use […]

Frozen fruit bar sandwiches with Fruti: a healthier dessert choice #FreshNFruti #Cbias

frozen fruit bar sandwiches

We’re trying to make healthier dessert choices so as part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias® I made these easy frozen fruit bar sandwiches using Fruti all natural fruit bars. We don’t always make the healthiest dessert choices around here. Alan and I need to get better about it, especially so our kids learn […]