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Words of Wisdom from Mom.

Some words of wisdom from mom Before you buy something, ask yourself, will this improve my quality of life? If it won't, don't buy it.Don't put off things you can do today until … [Read more...]

Easy summer entertaining thanks to BACARDI cocktails

Now that summer is here my husband and I like to escape to the back yard after the kids have gone to bed for some "adult time". Obviously these includes an adult beverage (so if you're under 21 you … [Read more...]

5 affordable ways to reduce chemical exposure in your home

We're getting new windows in our home tomorrow. Well, we're getting 5 new windows. I'm excited because it means we can get some serious airflow in our home, which we bought last year. It's just one of … [Read more...]

Polly Pocket Playsets

Quincy received some early " birthday gifts" this week - two Polly Pocket playsets! Aside from a zillion little pieces to keep track of - they are a hit! Petite pretend play can be found with Polly … [Read more...]

Friday afternoon coffee play date

When I invited my friends over earlier this week for a Friday afternoon coffee play date, I panicked a little when it rained all day Thursday. My plans of a sunny day in the yard with kids playing … [Read more...]

Oz isn’t just for the kiddos.

I may have mentioned that the kids have been watching Minnie's Wizard of Dizz pretty much non stop this week. Lucky for Alan and I, we were able to enjoy some Oz of our own. We missed Oz the Great and … [Read more...]

Some Oz for everyone! – Minnie’s Wizard of Dizz

It's a double header! Oz for everyone! Last week Disney released both Minnie's Wizard of Dizz AND The Great and Powerful Oz.Needless to say we've probably watched Wizard of Dizz about 20 times … [Read more...]

Rainy Day? Check out these Disney Summer Releases!

Sometimes the rainy summer days keep us indoors. Once the craft ideas have been exhausted and the cars and ponies set aside, it's time for some snuggles on the couch and some Disney summer releases. … [Read more...]

Secure your home with AT&T Digital Life

What if you could secure your home from your cell phone? What if you could turn on a light or the radio from your office, or even a hotel room across the country? Let a workman in to fix your oven … [Read more...]

Essentials for packing your hospital bag

With my pregnancy with Quincy, I was admitted to the the hospital for pre-clampsia at about 30 weeks. I was not prepared. Spending nearly two weeks before and after pregnancy in a hospital with no … [Read more...]

Love love love my Lee Jeans!

Post baby fashion usually means fashion disaster. Nothing fits. Thankfully, Lee Jeans saved the day by sending me a super cute pair of cropped jeans from their spring collection.The fit? Magical … [Read more...]

Want to make a splash entrance?

"Electrobatique--An Enchanting Discovery," is an original dance performance featuring tons of fun water effects, aerial choreography and acrobatic dance by AiRealistic, an aerial theater company with … [Read more...]