Archives for June 21, 2013

Oz isn’t just for the kiddos.

I may have mentioned that the kids have been watching Minnie's Wizard of Dizz pretty much non stop this week. Lucky for Alan and I, we were able to enjoy some Oz of our own. We missed Oz the Great and … [Read more...]

Some Oz for everyone! – Minnie’s Wizard of Dizz

It's a double header! Oz for everyone! Last week Disney released both Minnie's Wizard of Dizz AND The Great and Powerful Oz.Needless to say we've probably watched Wizard of Dizz about 20 times … [Read more...]

Rainy Day? Check out these Disney Summer Releases!

Sometimes the rainy summer days keep us indoors. Once the craft ideas have been exhausted and the cars and ponies set aside, it's time for some snuggles on the couch and some Disney summer releases. … [Read more...]