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Road trips with kids? THREE kids? Time to buy a minivan!

Since we met in college, my husband and I have loved going on road trips. Twenty years some years later it's now road trips with kids. THREE KIDS. Okay, so we haven't gone on a road trip since Edison … [Read more...]

Playing Dress Up in Quincy’s Bowtique

Turning 3 is a big deal. In an instant, Quincy went from toddler to little girl. A little girl who is starting to love playing dress up. Princesses, fairies but most definitely Minnie Mouse. Now I've … [Read more...]

Packing for BlogHer

Seeing as I'm leaving TOMORROW, I better get my a$$ in gear and start packing for BlogHer in Chicago. Thanks to Philips AVENT I'll be headed to the conference to learn, network, and let's be honest, … [Read more...]

Participate in the The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society “Light The Night”

"Light The Night” is The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s main fundraising event of the year. This hour-long fundraising walk is held at sunset, and participants hold illuminated balloons in the air … [Read more...]

Lazy summer days with Lay’s Potato Chips

Know what I like doing on summer nights? Relaxing on the hammock in the back yard with my husband after the kids have gone to bed. A bag of Lay's potato chips and a drink in hand doesn't hurt either! … [Read more...]

Edison and his First Friends Friendly Pacifier

Raise your hand if you've ever lost a pacifier. Go ahead. Don't be shy. More than one? Two? Three? It's okay. It happens. It's happened to me.Bet you didn't know there was a solution did you? … [Read more...]

Easy cocktails on a summers night!

After the kids are finally asleep (ok maybe not asleep but IN THER ROOMS) the last thing I want to do is drag out the blender, ice and drink fixins just to enjoy a beverage. Not to mention my blender … [Read more...]

Super awesome printable PLANES activities

Are YOU excited about Planes? I am! Check out these cool printable Planes activities you can do with your kids while you're waiting for the movie to open in theaters on August 9th!“Like” … [Read more...]

Join me for the Hear The World Twitter party

We've been fortunate in our family to escape pediatric hearing loss. I guess someone felt that Autism and prematurity were enough for us to handle. But that doesn't mean it's not on my radar, or that … [Read more...]

Crustless Muffin Tin Quiche

For the past two weeks we've been trying out a CSA and I've been getting a bounty of fruits and vegetables.  When I say bounty, I'm not kidding. Since there is a ridiculous amount of deliciousness in … [Read more...]

A quick shopping break for Jamba Juice Smoothies.

I'm gearing up for a pretty big blog conference here in a few weeks  (okay like 10 days) so I've been out running errands. And running errands means not necessarily getting enough to eat. For shame. … [Read more...]

Have you signed up for the Color Run?

I'm pretty stoked,  I am being provided with two registrations to The Color Run in exchange for sharing this with you. I sadly can't go in my city, but you better believe I want tons of photos from my … [Read more...]