4 Ingredient Breakfast Fries!

Delicious! 4 Ingredient Breakfast Fries #SpringIntoFlavor #ad

It’s no secret I like to cook. Like at all. And it’s no secret that breakfast for dinner is one of my favorite things. I am not talking about a bowl of cereal here. Or even pancakes. I’m talking over easy eggs, bacon, salsa with toast to dip in those delicious runny yokes, or, in this case, Alexia Rosemary Fries to dip into those yolks. Otherwise known as Breakfast Fries.

There’s a new TB test in town – which means more time for my family.

Family picture on the Ocean City MD boardwalk

The TB test most of us are familiar with is 110 years old and isn’t always accurate. There’s a new TB blood test that takes just one doctor’s visit instead of two, plus no more itchy spot on your skin!