Reasons You Need Internet Security #FSecureSafe

Technology is a magical thing. I remember my first time really using the Internet in college, my first email, my first ICQ chat room. Back then, I didn’t give much thought to Internet security. But perhaps I should have. Granted, this was over 20 years ago, and a lot has changed since then.

The truth is, not everyone that uses laptops, phones and tablets to access the Internet know the “rules” on keeping information safe. That’s a problem.

Can’t Wait for School Break: Autism and Disney

Family photo at Epcot. We're ALMOST all looking at the camera. YAY Autism and Disney

Over the past few years, we’ve taken several family vacations at Disney Parks. You’d think that Autism and Disney wouldn’t mix. The happiest place on earth, is at times, perhaps the noisiest place on earth, but Sebby seems to thrive at Disney Parks.

American Girl Inspired Adventure Scrapbook

Quincy and Lea Clark, Girl of the Year

Have you met Lea Clark, American Girl’s 2016 GOTY! We made a fun adventure scrapbook full of photos of our adventures with her.

19 Things You Should Have or Know How to Do Now That You’re An Adult

Girl opening wine with teeth

News flash: Graduating from school doesn’t mean you’re an adult. Neither does being of legal age. The fact is, many of us fail at this thing called “adulting” For the love of god, please stop trying to open a bottle of wine with your teeth. Among other things.

Alice in Wonderland Activities

Don't miss these fun Alice in Wonderland Activities!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Alice Through the Looking Glass is in theaters this Friday, May 27th 2016. From what I’ve heard from friends that have had sneak previews of the film, it’s going to be amazingly good.

To give you some inspiration, I’ve put together a list of fun Alice in Wonderland activities that I hope you’ll enjoy while you’re falling down the rabbit hole!

The Finest Hours: Blu-Ray Release 5/24/16

I received a media copy of “The Finest Hours” in order to facilitate this post. This post may also contain affiliate links. After seeing previews in the theater a dozen times for “The Finest Hours”, we finally were able to sit down this weekend after putting the kids to bed and watch this heroic tale. […]