And so it begins, 25 days of Elf on the Shelf #elfontheshelf

We bit the bullet, it’s our first year with Elf on the Shelf.

It’s double trouble at our house, with TWO elves to deal with.

What will happen over the next 25 days? Will the elves be naughty or nice? What will they be named? You’ll have to keep checking in to find out! My husband is working this weekend and wasn’t home, so the elves stayed hidden, surveying the living room from their hiding place in the Christmas Tree.

Elf on the Shelf – Elves in Hiding

Elf on the Shelf

Do you have an Elf on the Shelf at your house?

What is your Elf’s name? What are they up to? It’s not too late to have one come live with you!

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Kerri Jablonski AKA The Maven lives in Seattle,WA with her 3 kids (2008, 2010, 2013), husband, cats and backyard chickens. Two of her children have special needs. Kerri enjoys cooking, travel, movies and spending time with her family.


  1. Is that the”couture”elf skirt from JCP ? Very cute

  2. Thank you for the reminder to put the darn elf out before I go to bed tonight! And, to look at the book to remember what we named him (Teddy.)

  3. Very cute! Our elf is named Fred. He always shows up the first Saturday in December and kicks off our holiday season with a North Pole Breakfast. He’s a mischevious little thing – he’s already drunk half a bottle of pancake syrup and drawn mustaches and crazy hair over all our pictures with a dry erase marker! This is a second year doing it and the kids (well Anthony and Matthew, Emmy is a little young to really get it) are having so much fun!

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