Disney Crafts and Recipes!

I’m always looking for fun Disney crafts and recipes to do with my kids. I asked some of my favorite bloggers for ideas, and they gave me these great ideas inspired by some of our favorite Disney films!

Disney Crafts and Recipes

Disney/Pixar Brave: Scottish Egg Recipe

Monsters U Easy Pom Pom Mike Craft

Disney Princess Magic Wand

Halloween Worms in Dirt Recipe Inspired by Frankenweenie

Upcycled Crayon Stained Glass “Mickey Mouse”

Crafts with Candy: #WreckItRalph Candy Race Cars

Be sure to visit their sites and check out their posts and some other amazing ideas. I tell you, these ladies are so creative!

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Kerri Jablonski AKA The Maven lives in Seattle,WA with her 3 kids (2008, 2010, 2013), husband, cats and backyard chickens. Two of her children have special needs. Kerri enjoys cooking, travel, movies and spending time with her family.


  1. I love Eeyore because he is just so gloomy and I want to hug him.

  2. Cinderella – I love how she overcame her evil step-mother and step-sisters.

  3. Peter Pan, he is forever young.

  4. My daughters have always loved Ariel, so that is our favorite here. But we are a huge Disney loving family, so we have lots we like!!

  5. I’m a huge fan of The Little Mermaid, Ariel, and so happy the movie will be out soon!!

    I was always drawn to her free spirit and red hair

  6. Cinderella – sweet natured, gentle, and has the most lovely singing voice!

  7. Disney Princess Pocahontas because I am Native American!

  8. Jesse from Toy Story 2, because she was my middle daughter’s favorite and she had SUCH a special moment with that character during the parade at Disneyland – she was then three years old and was still so starstruck she giggled and was teary-eyed. So sweet.

  9. Cassandra Eastman says:

    I always loved Ariel, because she was so carefree and sweet!

  10. My favorite character is probably Boo from Monsters Inc because she is cute and funny like my daughter.

  11. I like Princess Sofia! She is kind to everyone and so sweet!

  12. Laura Jacobson says:

    Oh mine has always been The Little Mermaid! My favorite Disney movie…I just loved when her dreams came true…..

  13. Mickey Mouse ..of course

  14. My favorite Disney character is Cinderella because she overcomes adversity and exemplifies true beauty inside and out.

  15. Jennifer Marie says:

    Mickey mouse b/c I remember him from when I was little and he makes me happy.

  16. I like Belle because she’s intelligent and well-read.

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