3/23 CHALLENGE: Invent a Snack!

Sometimes it’s tricky getting kids to eat healthy snacks, but we know moms are capable of some very creative solutions. You can make your child’s snacks even healthier by using organic ingredients. Protect your family by taking simple steps that have a big impact!

Your challenge:
Create a healthy snack using at least one organic ingredient and then share your invention.

1. Brainstorm some simple ingredients as the basis for your snack – things like fruit, yogurt, and nuts make a great healthy foundation. Choose at least one organic ingredient.
2. Consider how to use your ingredients – maybe a smoothie, a parfait, popsicles?
3. Try it and test it. Is it kid-approved?
4. Share! When you’re satisfied with your creation, here’s what to do: Type up the recipe in a traditional format — list the ingredients followed by instructions. Post it below for others to enjoy (psst this is an entry in our giveaway too!)


  • Find deals and discounts on organic foods by using this guide.
  • There’s an app for that!Check out Shake a Snack – Find healthy and easy snack recipes, each with only 3 ingredients.Contains over 200 recipes you find by shaking the food slot machine. Remove ingredients you do not like to filter recipes. Save your favorites.
  • Play with your food (and let your kids play, too)! Maybe it’s not the way you mix ingredients, but how you display them. Use cookie cutters to make fun shapes. Make edible art. Have fun!

Fast Facts:

  • A March 2008 review of more than 100 studies in the scientific literature, conducted by “The Organic Center, confirmed the “nutritional superiority of plant-based organic foods.”
  • Organic food tastes better. In informal tests and formal studies organic apples, strawberries, and tomatoes all consistently taste better!  http://www.organic-center.org/reportfiles/Taste2Pager.pdf

How your family will benefit from this challenge:
• You’ll begin using more organic ingredients in the snacks your child eats most often.
• Your family will have reduced exposure to potentially harmful chemicals found in conventional foods.
• By sharing your creation, you’ll help inspire other parents to protect their children’s health, too!

Share your experience!
What did you learn? Your story can help inspire others to live healthier! Please share your tips and trials. Here’s how:

  • Talk about it on Facebook. Share a story about this challenge using @healthy_child and/or @stonyfield.
  • Tweet about it. Use the #ezorganic hashtag to give a quick example, tip, or link.


This blog post is part of the Easy Organic Living program co-hosted by Baby Center and Healthy Child Healthy World and sponsored by Stonyfield.


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