5 College Essentials and Walmart Best Plans

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Send your freshman off to school with cookies and a new phone #Phones4School #shop

You might have a teenager heading off to college (if they aren’t already there) and you’re probably scurrying around trying to make sure you’ve gathered the college essentials they need. You might also be thinking about how much money they are going to cost you with tuition, gas,  books and maybe room and board. And then there is the cell phone factor. You can breathe a sigh of relief there, as Walmart has the Lowest Priced Unlimited Plans.

The thing is, I remember from my college days that there’s a lot more to getting ready for college than making sure your tuition and books are paid for. A lot more.

5 College Essentials

1.) Laundry essentials. I’m pretty sure your son or daughter will realize that their clothes and linens will not magically wash themselves. Make sure to send them off to school with a laundry basket, detergent and quarters. Lots of quarters. Don’t be surprised even by taking these precautions that the laundry still comes home with them on the weekends. Also, don’t be surprised if they choose to stay at home this first year that the laundry multiplies at a even faster rate then when they were in high school.

Make sure they have quarters for laundry and a new phone #Phones4School #shop

2.) Memories from home. Posters are fun for dorm rooms, but so are family photos and other memories from home. You don’t need to send along a 16×20 of grandma but a small framed picture is a nice thing to send along.

3.) Dishes for two. Sounds silly right, especially if you’ve bought the meal plan (ca-ching) but sometimes your college freshman will be up late studying or having a friend over and it’s just nice to not eat out of a take out container. Don’t forget the dish soap!

4.) Cookies! Cookies are study fuel. There’s nothing quite like cramming for an exam and eating homemade cookies from home. Just make sure you send along enough to share.

Cookies and a new phone! #Phones4School #shop

5.) A reliable smart phone. Not just any smart phone, but one with Unlimited Talk Text and Data/Web. I cannot stress this one enough. The Alcatel One Touch Fierce ($99.88) is a great smartphone under $100 (On Rollback from $129.88)! Plus the Unlimited Talk, Text, and Web is only $34.88 a month! The $34.88 price is for the first line only, price applies for life of the account on the plan. That’s still a steal compared to what you are paying for tuition, right?

Walmart Best Plans plus cookies! #Phones4School #shop

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Head to Walmart to buy your new Alcatel One Touch Fierce and mark off one more thing on your college essentials list. It’s easy to find in the mobile department.

Alcatel One Touch Fierce at Walmart #Phones4School #cbias #shop

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