5 cool things you can do for your kids teacher.

Thank you to Gymboree for providing us the adorable fashions in this post about 5 cool things you can do for your kids teacher.

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5 cool things you can do for your kids teacher.

1.) You know the class supply list your teacher sends home with your son or daughter? Make sure you get those items. Don’t scrimp and buy the cheap stuff. Remember your kids will be using them too. Extras don’t hurt throughout the year too!

2.) Ask them about a wish list for the classroom. If you can fulfill one of the wishes, go for it! Whether it’s a new art easel, a toaster oven for cooking snacks or a new teepee for reading your donation to your child’s classroom benefits everyone!

3.) Don’t just bring crackers or boxes of cereal on snack day, bring fun snacks, good snacks! Think fruit or veggies  and dip, cheese, juice, or something to make in that toaster oven that was donated.

4.) LABEL YOUR KIDS STUFF. Trust me, this is about the coolest thing you can do for your kids teacher. EVER. Because 5 kids in your daughter’s class have the SAME EXACT SKIP HOP BACKPACK (true story) and some of the girls probably have the same sweater from Gymboree. You’ll save a whole lot of heartache and frustration if you label your children’s clothing and other stuff.

5.) Remember to say THANK YOU, and often. Many of our teachers work long hours outside of the school day, and all of those little extras for your kids come out of their pockets! Those two little words mean a lot to them!

5 Cool Things You Can Do For Your Kids Teacher - The Maven of Social Media®

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  1. Great tips! We always try to give back to our classroom.

  2. Great tips! I know at my daughter’s school they are always in need of extra tissue and hand sanitizer. I always pick up some extra when I see it on sale.

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