5 Essentials for a Girls Night In.

No need to cross our legs because of LBL during our girls night in, we have Poise. This is sponsored post for Socialstars #LifesLittleLeaks

Grab some popcorn for a girls night in #LifesLittleLeaks #ad

Call me crazy, but I’m seriously considering a girls night in amongst the holiday madness. I realize that the stockings have YET to be hung by the chimney with care, the cookies unbaked, the presents unwrapped (and some still unshopped for) dinner is unplanned and…

Popcorn in a bucket #LifesLittleLeaks #ad

Did I mention I’m shirking some responsibility to have a girls night in? Let’s face it. Laughter is important. Holidays are stressful, and we need a break from the caroling and inlaws and the mall.

So thus planning for a girls night in. Let’s get one thing straight. These are your girlfriends. You do not need to clean your house the way you will for your Great Aunt. You just need to tidy up and make sure your kids are occupied. The whole point here is to RELAX and LAUGH with your gal pals.

5 Essentials for a Girls Night In

1.) Something to do. I’m going to suggest a movie or a few episodes of your favorite TV show. Pick something you can’t watch with your kids around. Something that your husband groans at when it comes on TV or you suggest watching it. Make sure it’s HILARIOUS. That’s important.

2.) Something to eat. Popcorn is perhaps the easiest girls night in snack. It’s easy to embellish and make gourmet (I’ve made Tabasco Popcorn before) and everyone seems to like it. You can also add in nuts, candies or other mixers.

3.) Something to drink. This is where my Keurig comes in. Hello. Something for everyone. Get out your assortment of fun mugs, some varieties of k-cups and fixins and set it up on your kitchen table. You can have wine too, but I’m not entirely sure about the whole wine and popcorn thing.

4.) Something for the kids to do. Ideally, your girls night in will happen after the kids have gone to bed, but maybe you need to have a girls afternoon in, in that case, get your husband to take them somewhere for a few hours so they aren’t underfoot.

5.) Something to contain life’s little leaks. Gonna be honest here. Bladder leaks happen to the best of us. Like one in three women. LBL happens with really normal things, like coughing, sneezing, laughing and exercise. So, chances are, some of your gal pals might need a little something to protect their unmentionables while watching a movie at your house. All hail SAM. All Poise Microliners contain shockingly thin and surprisingly absorbent lovingly referred to as SAM. If you have LBL, or if you even THINK you have LBL, get SAM. I’m not saying have it out in candy dish or anything, but you, know, maybe have a stash in your bathroom and mention it, just in case.

Grab your essentials for a girls night in! Don't forget the Poise! #LifesLittleLeaks #ad

What do you need for a girls night in?

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