5 reasons I love my shredder

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5 reasons I love my shredder

Since we became home owners almost two years ago, the amount of junk mail full of loan and credit offers, not to mention convenience checks has been non stop. Plus, I get a lot of solicitations for my business, from business lines of credit to trademark fraud protection. ALL of these things, if they fell into the wrong hands could be used fraudulently.

Having a shredder to destroy all of these papers is pretty much a no brainer. But WHICH SHREDDER? I can tell you from experience that they are not created equal. It’s important to find the best shredder for your needs, because a shredder that doesn’t work? It’s just going to sit there and collect dust.

My Fellowes P-12c is a workhouse. It handles those annoying convenience checks, fake lottery announcements and foreign trademark notifications with ease. It also takes care of our old bank statements and other personal mail.

5 reasons I love my shredder

1.) Unlike previous shredders I’ve owned, the Fellowes P-12C shreds 12 sheets at a time. Without complaint.

2.) It destroys credit cards into itty bitty pieces. No more fighting with the kitchen shears.On that note it also eats CDs and staples with ease.

3.) The shred bin has a 4-gallon capacity. That’s a lot of shredding!

4.) The cross-cut. There is no way anyone is going to piece together my sensitive documents after I put them through this shredder.

5.) As a mother, the best part of this shredder is the built in safety feature. The SafeSense Technology stops shredding when hands touch the paper opening. My hands, the kids hands. It keeps little fingers safe from the blades.

If my 5 reasons aren’t enough, here’s a handy infographic on how to choose the perfect Fellowes shredder for you!

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  1. We totally need to replace our shredder. It has died, and I hate the idea of confidential info going in the trash. I will have to check this fellows out!

  2. I love having a shredder too! My daughter wants me to “save” everything that needs to be shredded so she can do it. Fun job for her and I’m glad to leave it for her.

  3. Thomas Murphy says:

    I need one of these!

  4. I just bought a paper shredder during Black Friday and I love having one.

  5. Great for shredding prescription labels!

  6. I’ve had no problems with my shredder so far (it also does cross cut and takes a lot of sheets at once) however, by the photo of yours – yours has a pull-out shredder bin. Am I seeing that right? If that’s the case, when mine dies, I think I’ll be looking this one up. It would certainly be a lot easier than crawling under the desk, pulling the shredder out, taking the top off, picking up the debris speckles that have fallen off the inside of the top and onto the carpet, and carting it off to the recycle bin.

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