5 Reasons to Laugh

5 Reasons to Laugh is a sponsored post for Socialstars and Poise #LadiesWithPoise
It's okay. Life is funny. Here are 5 reasons to laugh. #LadiesWithPoise

Life is way to serious some times. It’s okay to smile, it’s OKAY to laugh! Don’t believe me? Here are some reasons to laugh. I promise.

5 reasons to laugh:

1.) Your old high school photos with hair spray bangs.
You know you had them. You and your friends had competitions to see who could have taller bangs. The girls locker room air was thick a sticky mist during school hours. Be thankful by the time we were spraying our bangs 4″ tall most girls didn’t smoke in the bathroom. Because aerosol hair spray is flammable.
2.) Spilling your coffee on the way out of the local coffee joint.
I know you will feel like crying, but really, think about it this way, they probably made it wrong anyway. Go back inside, and the barista might make you another.
3.) Spending time with your friends.
Laughter isn’t always about being FUNNY, it’s about interacting with another person. Laughing and spending time with your friends is always a good thing. Jana and Kim are two of my favorite blog conference buddies, when I’m with them, it’s always a good time.
4.) Your kids.
Your kids are awesome. They do really funny things and they don’t even know it. Like this morning when we went to see Santa. Getting one photo worthy of a Christmas card was like herding cats, and you get something like this.
Getting kids to pose with Santa is like herding cats. #LadiesWithPoise
Also, your kids are probably the reason you have that peeing problem that we’re about to talk about, but that’s okay.
5.) Peeing.
Seriously ladies.

It’s okay.

I get that in SOME instances, peeing is no laughing matter, it’s a medical matter, but in this case, this peeing? Eh, it’s okay. Pee happens. Bladder leakage happens.

And it’s okay to laugh about it.

Yes, it’s annoying as heck and it can be frustrating, but I promise, it’s okay to laugh about it because YES there is a solution for you.

Yes, I'm cheering about peeing! #LadiesWithPoise

I’m talking about Poise* Impressa* Bladder Supports.

You already support your friends who are also in the pee club, now it’s time to support your bladder too. Poise* Impressa* Bladder Supports can help discreetly prevent leaks for up to 8 hours every day. This nifty little internal product STOPS those pesky leaks before they happen.

Which means you can laugh without peeing. Or in my case, you can step off a curb, without peeing. Or follow your friends around a resort looking for a “cougar.” Long story. Inside joke. But really funny.

So laugh. Laugh often.

What are the reasons you laugh?

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