5 Things to Always Put In the Diaper Bag

This post about what I put in the diaper bag is sponsored by SheSpeaks & Pampers.

What's in the diaper bag? #MothersPromise AD

I’d say after 3 kids I’d always know what to put in the diaper bag . But I’ll be honest with you that’s not always the case. But even if I’m not lugging our fully loaded diaper bag, I make sure I always have some core basics. Without them, folks, I’m SOL. My youngest, Edison, is a toddler now, and here are things put in the diaper bag.

Sippy cups and other eating utensils.
I’m going to tell you. Most restaurant kid cups STINK. They just aren’t practical. So I highly recommend taking your own. Edison loves having his sippy with him and I don’t have to worry about him making a drink mess. Depending on where we are going I also might pack disposable placemats too.

Toys, snacks etc.
Do not forget to pack something to keep your kids occupied. Whether it’s a handful of crayons and a note pad, a small stuffy, a car, do not forget. Whether they are 1 or 7 you want to pack some goodies. I also don’t think twice about handing over my iPad mini for sanity. Also, snacks are key. Do not forget snacks!

A change of clothes.
I get space is an issue sometimes, but at the least, throw a clean shirt in the diaper bag. Wipes only go so far to clean up an epic chocolate milkshake mess, and you’ll be glad you can keep it out of the car seat. Not that I would know this from experience or anything.

Not only are they essential for diaper changes, they’re great for all sorts of quick clean ups from snack time to wiping down a restaurant tabletop or high chair. Even when your little one grows out of the Pampers Premium Care diapers, you should probably keep wipes on hand.

If you have little ones and you forgot to put diapers in the diaper bag, you’re going to be using a t-shirt. BUT, if you do, maybe think about using the NEW Pampers Premium Care Diapers. They are new and available at Walmart.

They keep Edison dry at home or on the go, and they’re affordable too. Him kicking back in just a diaper and a t-shirt is not an uncommon site when we are at home.

Staying dry with Pampers #MothersPromise Ad

Features of Pampers Premium Care Diapers
Absorb Away Liner: Pulls wetness and mess away from baby’s skin
Breathable Material: To keep air circulating around baby’s skin
Extra Absorb Channels: Helps distribute wetness evenly for up to 12 hours of protection – Hypoallergenic – Wetness Indicator: Lets you know when your baby might need a change

Pampers also sent me this adorable keepsake box. I’m excited to share it with a new mom in my neighborhood group!

Pampers Keepsake Kit #MothersPromise AD

What’s essentials do you put in the diaper bag?

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