5 Tips for Good Dental Health in Children

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There are lots of parenting struggles. Bedtime, sharing toys, eating vegetables. Good dental health doesn’t need to be one of them. Here are some great tips for good dental health in children.

Sonicare - Tips for Good Dental Health in Children

5 Tips for Good Dental Health in Children

Toothbrush Timer
Children and adults should brush their teeth for two to three minutes. The Philips Sonicare for Kids Toothbrush that comes equipped with a KidTimer that can be adjusted to “low mode” which slowly teaches children to brush for just a little longer each time, slowly introducing them to the full two minutes of brushing. At the end, kids can look forward to hearing a congratulatory song declaring their brushing complete!

Our pediatric dentist was all excited to hear that we are using Sonicares in our house and getting a a dental-professional approved clean! In addition to cleaner teeth, the kids love the replaceable front panel on their new toothbrush so they can personalize with designed covers and bonus stickers so their brush is unique.

When Quincy uses her Sonicare, she says “My teeth feel so clean!”

Stop Thumb Sucking and Pacifiers!
Evidence shows that thumb sucking and pacifier use in a child past toddler-hood is a significant cause of dental problems. One of the potential problems is top row of teeth to moving forward permanently. To help prevent the need for braces and other orthodontic procedures later on, do not let these habits continue.

Reward your child when she does things that will contribute to her overall dental health. For instance, if she flosses, brushes her teeth for the full three minutes every morning and night for a week, and eats a carrot instead of a lollipop, reward her with a gift  (sticker chart!!) or just give plenty of positive reinforcement. After a while, this just become a matter of habit, even after the incentives are no longer there.

Avoid Excessive Treats
Things like juice, gummy snacks and candy can all allow sugars to sit on the surface of tooth enamel for too long, and may lead to decay. Either brush teeth immediately after enjoying these treats or eliminate them entirely. Our dentist recommends NO JUICE. We don’t have it often, and we make sure we brush our teeth afterwards! We also try to use straws when possible, which means less time for the juice to be on the teeth.

No Bottles or Sippys in Bed
The last thing that should touch your child’s teeth before bed is their tooth brush. Do not give them bottles or sippies of milk at bedtime. Water is fine, just make sure they get potty time too!

Dental Visits
The earlier you start your child’s routine of going to the dentist, the more likely he will be to continue the habit into adulthood. The first dentist visit should be at the age of 1. Take your child at least twice per year for checkups; more frequently if s/he is having problems with her teeth.

Need some motivation getting started on these tips? Start with picking up a Philips Sonicare for Kids and letting your little one’s personalize it. You’ll be on your way to great dental health in no time!

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  1. That’s great that Quincy likes her Sonicare toothbrush! I have a Sonicare as well and I’m working to get the girls to that stage. Right now, they use the Oral B electronic one because it’s a bit more gentle on their teeth and they’re both super sensitive.

    As far as juice goes, I agree. Too much sugar. We dilute ours to a max of 50/50. Most of the time it’s 25% juice and 75% water.

    Both of my youngest girls never did take to a pacifier. 🙂

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