5 Tips to Save Time in the Morning

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5 tips to save time in the morning

If my morning routine wasn’t hectic enough, daylight savings time doesn’t making any easier. I know I am not alone, so here are 5 tips to save time in the morning. Whether you have kids or not, these tips will help.

1.) Get up earlier.
Getting up 20 minutes earlier helps! Whether you forgot to do some of your prep the night before or if you find that someone “forgot” to do some homework, those extra minutes will save you!

2.) Plan what you’re wearing the night before.
To avoid the hunt for socks, matching shoes, the right slip, whatever you need to look put together gather everything up the night before. If you have kids, do it for them too. Otherwise you’ll be that mom at Gymboree with mismatched socks. True story.

3.) Stay “Unplugged”
As a blogger, this is really hard to do, but email and Facebook (etc) are such a time sink. I work from home so it’s easy to start working before I get the kids on the bus, but it’s too easy to realize it’s 5 minutes before bus time and lunches need to be packed.

4.) Gather up what you need the night before.
Just like clothes, make sure you have everything you need for the day. Pack lunches, briefcases, backpacks. It saves the last minute panic. In fact, If there is something you absolutely must take with you in the morning but are likely to forget (dry cleaning, a package you need to mail, snacks for your child’s school), put your car keys with it.

5.) Have breakfast ready.
If you are a coffee drinker, save time in the morning by preparing the coffee pot the night before. Whether you have a drip machine or a Keurig, it saves time by having everything ready.

Consider setting the breakfast table so everything is out and ready go to. This is especially helpful if you have kids.

If you run out of time and find yourself missing your own breakfast while you’re running out the door, do what I’ve been doing since college. Make sure you throw a Nutri-Grain cereal bars in your bag. They are a simple and quick breakfast for on the go. These bars are delicious and the perfect accompaniment to my tea. I will NOT be sharing.

Nutri-Grain® Fruit & Oat Harvest Cereal Bars contain 4 grams of protein and a hearty combination of real fruit and whole grains. They are available at most retailers nationwide in boxes of five for a suggested retail price of $3.59.

Do you have tips to save time in the morning?

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Kerri Jablonski AKA The Maven lives in Seattle,WA with her 3 kids (2008, 2010, 2013), husband, cat and backyard chickens. Two of her children have special needs. Kerri enjoys cooking, travel, movies and spending time with her family.


  1. I so needed some of these tips! I have already been trying to wake up earlier, but because of the time change it hasn’t been easy. I didn’t realize Nutri-Grain bars had that much protein, are they high-fructose corn syrup free?

  2. These are some great tips and I remember my mom using these tips when getting us ready for school. They really do save time and cause less frustration.

  3. I get A – I do it all… at least most of the time

  4. I’ve done numbers 2 and 4 for ages but #3 is a HUGE thing for me. I definitely need to not be on the computer if I have some place to be. It is an enormous time sink for me and I lose all track of time.

  5. Michele P says:

    thanks for the advice, I had to admit, that while I do some of these things already there is always room for improvement. It is so hard for me to stay offline and resist the urge to check out facebook or whatever before I head in to the office.. I do make my daughter get her clothing ready the night before which is a good thing but I can always use the extra help in the morning myself.

  6. I’m so bad in the morning and I needed a reminder of these tips! How my morning goes really dictates my day.

  7. That “unplugged” thing is hard for me too. It’s the first thing I want to do.

  8. I am the worst about getting up early. I know that would solve so many of my issues but I stay up too late and it just turns into a vicious cycle. I love getting the clothes out ahead of time. I try to get the full school week out for my daughter so she only have 5 choices at the beginning of the week and fewer distractions or stress in the morning.

  9. ellen beck says:

    I am a nightowl through and through the only thing is sometimes I feel like i am dragging. I need to unplug!!

  10. I swear by planning my outfit the night before!

  11. I could use these tips, especially the one for breakfast since I normally skip breakfast due to time. How about some recipes for quick breakfast?

  12. These are great tips! I think what saves me the most time in the morning is laying out my clothing the night before.

  13. these are great tips! thanks for sharing

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