6 Motivational Tips to Help You Lose Weight and Stick to Your Diet

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6 Motivational Tips to Help You Lose Weight and Stick to Your DietIt’s the new year. Most of us are working on making our resolutions. Resolutions are always better if they’re written down. It makes them more accountable and realistic. Is getting healthier and losing weight one of your goals this year? Here are tips to help you lose weight and stick to your diet.

6 Motivational Tips to Help You Lose Weight and Stick to Your Diet

1. Set a goal.
Every weight loss or exercise plan needs a definitive goal. Write down your goal! Don’t think that simply saying that just “eating better” or “being healthier” are going to be enough. Goals need to be realistic to work. Make goals like walk briskly for twenty minutes three times a week or don’t buy a daily latte for a week. Make you goals specific and things you can accomplish.

2. Involve others.
Let your friends and family know about your weight loss and diet goals. You will need support. Find a workout buddy. It’s much easier to obtain goals if you have someone else to help motivate. Take classes together. Not only is it harder to ditch an exercise class if someone is going with you, but the other participants and the instructor will support you too!

3. Pace yourself.
Be realistic and realize healthy changes don’t happen overnight. You have a better chance at keeping the weight off if you lose it slowly. Cut food back by small amounts, like 150-200 calories a day – your body will get used to it more easily and the the weight will come off and stay off. Keep in mind that optimal weight loss is really 1-2 pounds a week! That’s still 10 pounds a month!

4. Be patient.
If you’ve tried dieting before you know about the dreaded weight loss plateau. You’ve been doing everything right, exercising and eating well and you are losing weight. Then all of the sudden you stop. Don’t feel bad. That just means it is the time to try something a little different to get a kick-start. Just make a few minor changes – maybe adding one more walk to your exercise routine – it may be all you need.

5. Celebrate each day.
While you are working on your exercise and weight loss goals, don’t forget to enjoy each day. We can all agree having healthy weight loss/exercise goals are important, make sure to take time to celebrate each day’s successes, no matter how small. Getting healthy is hard work. Small rewards can provide you motivation to keep going. Don’t reward yourself with food. Instead your reward could be a massage or a new pair of jeans.

6. Change your diet before exercise.
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