A real mom’s perspective on the Cybex Solution X-fix

I did things a little differently this time around. About the same time Meagan, one of my readers (and friend) asked me about my opinion on the Cybex Solution X-fix high back booster seat, the company emailed me about them. So I took the opportunity (and chance) to ask them if they could send the seat to her. I thought that a review from a mom who hasn’t seen lots of car seats (like me) would have a different, and fresh perspective.

They happily sent her the seat. 🙂

The Solution X-fix should be the last booster seat you will need to buy for your child once they graduate from the five point harness system. It is designed to be used with a 3 point seat-belt and should only be used for a child who is tall and heavy enough for this seat. You can read more about the Solution X-fix and other Cybex seats here.

So what did Meagan think? Here is her review:

Please bear with me through this review as I have never formally reviewed a product. As a mom, one of my main concerns with my children are their safety. I began researching the different booster seats available for my 4 year old daughter, and almost became overwhelmed. I came across the Cybex booster and was very intrigued with the safety ratings. I loved that it had the high back and the surrounding head rest like the 5 point harness seat that my daughter was currently in. I went to the Cybex web site and read about the reclining inner head rest, the LATCH system, and the other features of this booster. I just knew I had to at least try this seat out. I was a little concerned that the seat would not quite fit in my van or that it would be uncomfortable like some of the other reviews had stated. I decided to test it out.

When I received the car seat I was impressed. I thought that it was going to take some work to assemble it but it was actually quite easy. I loved that the manual was already included in its own little pocket in the back of the seat. I have the hardest time keeping up with manuals and such, so it was so nice to be able to have a place to keep it and always know where it was. I put together the seat and my daughter was so excited to be getting her “big girl” seat. She sat in it and fell in love, and wanted to put it in the van right away!

cybex solution x-fix

The installation in the van was the easiest installation I have ever had of a car seat. I did have a little trouble figuring out the LATCH system and how to move the bars out, but the instructions are right on the back of the seat! (Which I found out later but, still very helpful! 🙂 ) I had my daughter sit in the seat and test how she fit in it. She fit great and the seat belt hit her right where it should. It laid across her hips and upper thighs just where it should and didn’t seem to cut into her neck or lay too low on her chest. There was some reviews that showed some children being almost pushed out at the back looking uncomfortable. My daughter looked very comfortable and had no “pushed” look to her back.

cybex solution x-fix

The seat is very durable and sturdy enough to hold up to a 4 year old and switching vehicles. I Love how easy it is to move such a light weight booster now and how easy it is to use the LATCH system with any type of vehicle with or without the use of the LATCH extenders.

Now the cons to this seat and very few but there are some. I don’t like the fact that the seat does not have cup holders. My daughter is not quite big enough yet to be able to reach the one that is on the actual van seat. And she has a hard time trying to juggle any food and a drink. I also believe that the price is a little steep BUT for those truly concerned with safety as a top priority it is very much worth the price. And the longevity of this seat really works out with the price. You are going to use this seat for 4 years or more.

If I was asked if I would get this seat again, I would. No questions asked. Over all, the pros to this seat FAR outweigh the small little cons. I love this seat and so does my daughter. I will be purchasing one for my youngest daughter when it is her turn to graduate to a bigger seat.

Disclaimer: A representative of The Maven of Social Media received product for the purpose of this review. No monetary compensation was received for this post and the opinion here remains our own.

(Please do not email us asking  to get you product to review. We got very lucky that a wonderfully generous company made an exception for us. Thank you.)

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