Alaska, Oregon & Washington are Among 10 U.S. States Reported as Having Lowest Graduation Rates

May 12, 2015 – Alaska, Oregon and Washington are among 10 U.S. states reported as having the lowest Adjusted Cohort Graduation Rate (ACGR) according to a report (click here) sponsored by AT&T. Released today by America’s Promise Alliance, Civic Enterprises, Everyone Graduates Center, and the Alliance for Excellent Education, the 2015 Building a Grad Nation report indicates that the country remains on pace to achieve the national goal of a 90 percent on-time high school graduation rate by 2020. However, new analysis of district-level data shows that some districts are making tremendous progress while others are lagging or even going backwards:

States in the biggest trouble (lowest ACGR)
1. Oregon: 69%
2. New Mexico: 70%
3. Nevada: 71%
4. Georgia: 72%
5. Alaska: 72%
6. Louisiana: 74%
7. Arizona: 75%
8. Mississippi: 76%
9. Florida: 76%
10. Washington: 76%

The 2015 Building a Grad Nation also provides recommendations. Some suggested areas of focus to help increase graduation rates include:
• Eradicate zero-tolerance discipline policies since students who are expelled or suspended become far more likely to drop out of school completely.
• Expand the use of early-warning indicators so educators can intervene at the earliest and most critical times to help students succeed.
• Make state funding more equitable so low-income students have the same opportunities as their more affluent peers.
• Establish a standard diploma that is available to all students, which limits exit options that prematurely take students with disabilities off track to graduating on time with a standard diploma.
• Increase the use of consistent and comparable data that holds states accountable for graduation rates as an important and necessary measurement tool for determining where the challenges exist.

The 2015 Building a Grad Nation report is presented by lead sponsor AT&T. To read the full release and report visit

Through its signature education initiative, AT&T Aspire, AT&T has committed $350 million to support high school success and career readiness. AT&T engages its network, technology, employees and other like-minded organizations to help ensure that students, no matter their background, have the tools that will lead them to graduate from high school and succeed in 21st century careers.

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