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Not sure how long this will last but LeapPad Ultra deal where you will get a FREE Amazon gift card for $30 when you buy one! (Note that the Amazon card is added to your account as a credit for future shopping)


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LeapFrog Ultra

Over the years, we’ve played with several LeapFrog gaming devices and the LeapPad Ultra definitely seems to be an upgrade from the past tablets they’ve introduced. So far so good. I love the blend of education and fun that LeapFrog continually offers and the LeapPad Ultra is no different.

The Pros:

The 7″ screen is win. Great resolution and easy to see. I love this. Especially since we started our LeapFrog journey with the tiny Explorer screen.

An integrated rechargeable battery that lasts about 9 hours. This is a relief. I’m not spending tons of money on batteries anymore. The downside is I know eventually they won’t charge like they used to, but by then, a new device will be out anyway.

The variety of “free apps” is pretty cute, the Pet Pad game seems much improved. I like that there are more options for personalization, including name choices and coloring your pet.

The front and back cameras are a nice touch – cameras are probably my kids favorite feature on tablets.

I’m glad the stylus is on the bottom now, instead of the side. While it wasn’t a problem for our family, it does solve the leftie/righty issue.

The sound quality is better than previous LeapPads.

WiFi is a nice plus. Haven’t tried the peer to peer play because we only have one LeapPad Ultra – but I think it’s a neat idea. I guess we’ll have to see if Santa brings one of our friends an Ultra to try it out. Another nice feature is WiFi access is controlled by a parental passcode, which keeps it secure. Way to go LeapFrog.

Previously purchased games for other LeapPads can be transferred easily as long as you register the LeapPad Ultra with the same email address.

The swipable screen is pretty neat, and the kids are used to that from using my iPad.

The Cons:

It’s HEAVY. For my almost 6 year old, this is no big deal. For my almost 4 year old, it could be a bit of a problem. However, the age range is 4-9 so for the typical user it is probably a non issue. But I’ll be honest, if I dropped this on my toe, it would hurt, and it might dent my wood floors too.

The stylus is very trim, and might be difficult for younger kids or smaller hands to manage.

I’m a little disappointed in the load time compared to other tablets on the market, and I’ve had some issues with apps crashing, which is a bit of a bummer and totally frustrating.

It would be nice if there was a least ONE book included on the free bookshelf app.

The games continue to be fairly expensive, so compared to other tablets on the market, the costs can be comparable once you buy a few games. You can often find great deals and sales, but the bottom line is it’s very easy to spend $100 on 4-5 games.

I really really wish that LeapFrog would cover the cartridge port and make it harder to remove games. My son has Autism, and his curiosity gets the best of him so he often pulls cartridges out mid-game. Now, I know a cover won’t completely solve this, but it would slow him down. It also keeps dust and other objects from getting into the cartridge port.

Overall, if you’re a fan of the LeapFrog brand and already have a nice selection of their games and products, then the LeapFrog Ultra would probably be a good choice for you.

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  1. Jennifer Hiles says:

    I’ve been wondering about these. My daughter is about to turn 3 and I’ve been thinking about a Leap Pad. The price tag for the unit doesn’t seem too bad but paying more for games and apps doesn’t really appeal to me. Wish I knew someone else with one so we could borrow/exchange games (if that is possible).

  2. Mary Dailey says:

    I have heard so many good things about Leap Pad. I would love to get one for my grandchildren!

  3. Sandra VanHoey says:

    My great nephew has one of these but for some reason, he barely plays with it. We have thought he as ust going to want to play for hours but, not the case with him. Maybe because he just loves the computer and nothing compares to it for him, I don’t really know

  4. love the 7″ screen and the rechargeable battery that lasts about 9 hours. great for travel or when we are in the waiting room at the doctors.

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