American Girl Inspired Adventure Scrapbook

Earlier this year, American Girl sent me Lea Clark, their new 2016 Girl of the Year. I tried really hard to convince Quincy she was MY doll, but alas I was unsuccessful. I can understand why Quincy tried so hard to claim Lea as her own. Lea is brave, creative and loves animals. Just like Quincy.
Quincy and Lea Clark, Girl of the Year
Quincy has so much fun with Lea Clark, and I love that her and her new Girl of the Year share a love for animals. I’m hoping that I can encourage Quincy to overcome her fears and be brave, just like Lea does.
So much fun with Lea Clark Girl of the Year
Quincy is finding a love for photography – I’m actually thinking of getting her a little point and shoot for her birthday. I think she wants to be like Lea in that regard too, and take pictures of their adventures together.

For now, I’m the one behind the lens, capturing their moments.
Lea Clark, GOTY has the coolest accessories
Since both Lea and Quincy like photos, we took some photos of some of their recent photos and decided to make a fun photo adventure scrapbook. It was really hard to choose which ones went in her book!

Choosing photos with our favorite GOTY

Making a scrapbook is really easy. We printed the photos on my HP Envy printer with sticky photo paper. Once we chose the photos, we picked out some colorful card stock and punched holes in it, and then made a little binding with craft twine. After our book was complete, we put the put the photos in the book, leaving some blank pages for future adventures.

Make your very own American Girl inspired adventure scrapbook!

Since making this scrapbook, Quincy is already asking to make a new one, of course this means more adventures with Lea. Maybe we’ll go to the zoo, it’s not Brazil, but it will still be fun to see all the animals.

American Girl Lea Clark Girl of the Year

Are you up for an adventure with Lea? Remember, she’s only around for this year. Visit your local American Girl store today and bring her home!

Go on an adventure with Lea Clark Girl of the Year

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  1. So adorable! I love your Lea-inspired craft!

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