Annie Chun’s proves dinner with kids is still delightful!

When I checked my email and saw that I was a winner of one of the Annie Chun’s Dinner Party prize packs, I was beyond excited. As a mom of two little ones, the idea of a fancy meal is well, laughable. The idea of a dinner that’s more than one course? Cooked by me?? With Annie Chun’s it really is possible to cook a delightful meal with kids underfoot.

I convinced several friends to get together for dinner to sample the goodies in the big Annie Chun’s box that was delivered to my door. Even better, I convinced my friend Melissa to host if I supplied all the food!

annie chun box

After opening the box and perusing the products and looking at the menu choices, I decided to go with Korean Style Marinated Flank Steak, aka Bulgogi. I figured if we were going to do dinner with friends (and their kids) we were going to do it right. Add Black Pearl Sticky Rice with Mango and Coconut Sauce for dessert and some Chicken and Vegetable pot stickers and we were in business.

I headed to Whole Foods. I must say, I was really impressed by the vast choices of Annie Chun’s products. We’re talking several displays here. Now, this is a small Whole Foods, so you have to understand why I was so impressed. I even took pictures to show you. I was almost set up for disappointment when I got to the freezer section and didn’t see the pot stickers, but I dug around and found them!

Annie Chun's in the freezerAnnie Chun's Soup and Rice Bowls

If this was a dinner party in the real world, we would have everything beautifully prepared, with a table set, fancy party favors and napkins, but we have kids. In fact, our Annie Chun’s party was nearly out numbered with 3 girls all between 5-7 months and 2 three year old boys.

So with kids, comes chaos. Which means my husband was sautéing the pearl onions for the Bulgogi before I could say “Wait, stop, we have pot stickers” and then the flank steak went in the pan. And oooh did it smell good. It had been marinating in the Korean Barbeque Sauce since the night before. Mmmm!!!

Our friends helped wrangle my children and while the flank steak was resting, I went to work preparing the white sticky rice. When I say prepare what I really mean is throw in the microwave for one minute. Annie Chun’s White Sticky Rice is that simple. And it’s really tasty too.

Look how incredibly yummy this looks! I assure you, it tastes even better!

Kids running around in a tiny apartment with 6 adults and finally dinner was served casual style – everyone standing around eating. It was pretty quiet, except for the Elmo in the background, so we knew the Bulgogi was a hit. I think the only thing uttered in those first few minutes was “Ooh there is hot sauce too,” referring to the incredible Gochujang Sauce . My son, Sebastian, who didn’t have steak until last night was asking for more!

While our friends were finishing up their Bulgogi, I went to work preparing dessert. I’m a sucker for coconut, so the idea of smothering some black sticky rice with coconut milk and mangos was pretty easy for me. And it was easy to prepare too! Just like it’s friend, White Sticky Rice, Annie Chun’s Black Pearl Sticky Rice is easy to prepare. Toss on chunks of mango, drizzle with coconut milk and you have a delicious dessert worthy of well, a fancy dinner party!

Melissa and I got so excited about an Asian inspired meal, we even made Kanji onesies and shirts for the kiddos!  Now tell me, if this isn’t the cutest thing you have ever seen. So I guess we DID have party favors after all.

Thanks Annie Chun’s, for providing us with this wonderful box of goodies. It’s tough being a mom. We don’t get out much without the kids, and if we do it’s never a nice meal. You’ve proven that even with children demanding your attention, its possible to have a delightful meal! (and the pot stickers that never got cooked? I left them in Melissa’s freezer, along with the extra Gochuiang Sauce – I figured she and her husband just might need a late night snack!)

Disclosure: Annie Chun’s provided me and my friends with an incredible box of goodies because I won a contest. I am sharing my experience and was not compensated for this post!

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