Another #BlogHer11 ramble


I’m going. Y’all know that. It seems I won’t shut up about it. I know my poor husband is like enough already.

What can I say? I’m ecstatic. Excited. Nervous. Overwhelmed.

Yesterday, I found out that my imaginary internet friend, Kristin Cook, who founded Faces of Loss, Faces of Hope last year is going to be coming to BlogHer too. SO. STINKIN. EXCITED. I’ve known Kristin virtually for over a year now and meeting her at BlogHer is just over the top.

Come Talk to Me at BlogHer '11!

I want to see/meet so many of my bloggy friends. I feel like I have a hug list going…

Kristin @faces_of_loss
Jyl @JylMomIF
Melissa @SippyCupMom
Annie @MamaDweeb
Jenny @JennyOnTheSpot
Jill @musingsfromme
Amy @momspark

I give hugs, so if you need one at BlogHer, I’ll give you one. In a non-creepy squeeeee it’s so good to see you sort of way. If you aren’t on this list, YOU ARE STILL HUG WORTHY! I’d be linking people all day if I listed all the peeps I wanted to see.

I still have no ideas what sessions I want to go to. I am stalking twitter for party gossip. @socialsoiree do you hear me? I want to dip my toes in the ocean (because it’s too stinkin cold to do it in Seattle)

Can you say over extended?

Thank goodness it’s just a long weekend.

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  1. @micropreemie says:

    I’m a BlogHer newbie this year, but so, so excited! I may need a hug when I’m totally overwhelmed and want to cry. See you there!

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