Anyone Can Be a Victim of Crime #PrivacyIsNoGame

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Sometimes I think we think crime can’t happen to us. We live in a a bubble and think it won’t happen to us. This morning when I went to put my kids on the bus I noticed nearly all of the mailboxes on our street were wide open. It was evident that someone had walked down the street, opening mailboxes, likely stealing what they could, and also, probably casing houses.

On my street.

It made me double check our locking mailbox and be that much more grateful that we are installing cameras over the weekend.

Anyone can be a victim of crime. While unfortunately there is no 100% way to prevent crime, there are things you can do to make it harder.

Steps you can take to prevent coming a victim of crime.

Get a locking mailbox. Don’t skimp here, you don’t want something that can easily be pried open with a screwdriver. One of the things I love about my mailbox it is big enough to hold several days worth of mail if we are out of town for the weekend or a small package. I still check my mail each day, but it gives me a little piece of mind.

Install security cameras. At the very least, install home security cameras at your points of entry. Some systems allow you to monitor from your phone or mobile device. Cameras just aren’t about checking to see who is at the door before you open it, but also to keep any eye on any packages that might want to grow legs. 🙂

Get rid of large bushes blocking your view from the street. Some people like large bushes for privacy, but they also give privacy to would-be burglars. When we first moved into our house, we had a massive hedge in front of our house. I hated it. The first week we moved in, my neighbor had an attempted break-in that I witnessed. The getaway car was parked behind the hedge. The hedge got taken out the same day.

Lock down your Internet router. Crime doesn’t just stop with mail theft and break-ins. When you broadcast your wi-fi you leave yourself open to people using your Internet connection to access your home network whether it’s to attempt to steal your information or to use your Internet for ill-will.

It’s important to think beyond your laptop or desktop computer when it comes to privacy and Internet crime. It’s likely you aren’t always 100% sure of your Internet connection when you’re using your iPad or iPhone when you’re out and about, so it’s important to have something like F-Secure Freedome installed. Not only does F-Secure help people from phishing your information, it has a great ad blocker feature too.

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What can you do in your home to prevent becoming a victim of crime?

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