AT&T Store of the Future

AT&T Store
AT&T is doing something different with their stores to create a new customer experience. It’s the store of the future.

This is not your typical mobile phone store, but rather a whole new experience.


Last month I visited the new store in Bellevue, which took two years of design research to create a more interactive and inviting store environment. It’s impressive. There are large all over the store for interaction, education and brand content delivery. With wood tones, glossy white and of course AT&T’s signature orange, it’s no question where you are.


The new store is like home, open and inviting, complete with a porch and open windows that allow you to see in and out. The store has an awesome open feel, with interconnected zones – The Connected Experience Zone, The Community Zone, and The Explore Zone.

Connected Experience Zone
§ It feels like a completely different experience when a customer enters the store.
§ The “Connected Experience Zone” uses flexible lifestyle vignettes, referred to as “Experience Pavilions,” to create immersive experiences showcasing AT&T’s connected products and services.
§ These vignettes use rich visual merchandising, interactive technology and feels like home. It brings Music, Digital Life, and Entertainment to life. These displays will change to keep the store fresh and relevant.
§ It brings Music, Digital Life, and Productivity to life. The Productivity Pavilion is aimed at our small business customers featuring products like e-Reader scanner, PayPal scanner, chargers and more.

Community Zone
§ At the heart of the store is the Community Zone. It includes two large “Community Tables” that encourage customers to shop, interact and play in an open, active atmosphere.
§ These tables present complete product solutions. They combine the best apps, accessories and devices into personalized, relevant collections.
§ The Community Zone features exclusive products on adjacent display fixtures. Café style “Learning Tables” create a place for customers and reps to gather, learn and share.

Explore Zone
§ The “Explore Walls” of the Explore Zone will be the most familiar area of the store, where AT&T features the entire device line up, enhanced with visual accessory presentations.
§ This area connects customers to the brand and inspires interaction through integrated digital monitors that feature ambient brand graphics and promotional messaging.


One of the coolest things about this AT&T Store of the Future is the ability to have hands on experiences with technology. Whether it’s a new Bravern waterproof speaker, the latest tablet or a new smartphone, all of the demos in the store are full operational so you can really try them out.


Awesome features you’ll find at the new store at Lincoln Square and other AT&T around the country include a mobile point of sale system – employees can check you out on the spot, eliminating that pesky cash register line. Also, AT&T is going paperless. AT&T stores that are using the new mobile POS are also capable of conducting a paperless sales process. Now, when you visit an AT&T company owned retail store, you won’t see those racks of printed service brochures nor will you see the typical retail printed banner signs in the windows or in t-stands. You’ll continue to see this in the new stores that roll out with the new design as well. Our reps now simply pull out their tablet and access a new Mobile Sales Tool app that links to e-brochures for product and service information. Most of the devices around the store have e-brochures preloaded in them as well, making the information accessible to every customer. This reduces the printing of approximately half a million brochures annually. Customers also have the option to receive receipts and their Customer Service Summary sent to their email instead of printing it out in the store. That’s pretty impressive.

Check out this video to learn more about the new store design at AT&T.

Note: AT&T invite me to a tour of their new store at Lincoln Square and gave me a gift bag of some goodies, but I was under no obligation to write this post. 🙂

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