Back to School with Maryellen Larkin

Thank you to American Girl for sending Quincy the new BeForever™ character, Maryellen Larkin to celebrate her journey to Kindergarten!

Hugs for Maryellen Larkin

Before I even saw a photo of Maryellen Larkin, the latest BeForever™ addition to American Girl, I saw an Instagram photo of her school set. I got really excited because Quincy is starting Kindergarten this fall.

Then I found out Maryellen Larkin’s special year is 1954! Hello poodle skirts! Sock hops! Milkshakes!

Meet American Girl’s newest BeForever™ character—Maryellen Larkin— an energetic and optimistic girl who follows her heart instead of the crowd. Depicting an era that gave rise to tremendous growth and change in America, Maryellen’s products and stories have an intergenerational appeal that is sure to be a hit with girls, moms, and grandmas! The Maryellen collection includes an 18-inch doll with strawberry-blonde hair and hazel eyes, plus several historically-authentic 1950s doll outfits, like an iconic poodle skirt and saddle shoes. Numerous accessories round out the play experience, including a 30-piece diner set, a TV console that works with a girl’s iPad, and a jukebox that plays ’50s-style songs and connects to electronic music players.

American Girl BeForever Maryellen Larkin

As a fun pre-kindergarten surprise, we took Quincy to American Girl for the launch of Maryellen. We had some crafty fun and met our new 1950’s friend! I admit, I was probably a little more excited than she was!

Maryellen Larkin is now part of family and Quincy has been playing school with her, Grace and Isabelle. It’s quite adorable. She loves it so much we’ve decided to set up a special school area in her room complete with her great great grandmother’s desk. (My mom is sending it to us!) How cute will that be?!

Playing School with American Girl

With all of the accessories Maryellen comes with, our Christmas list will be growing and the play will be non stop. I love how engaged Quincy is with her American Girl dolls and I know she will be for years to come.

Maryellen is simply adorable and I love that she’s Quincy’s introduction to the BeForever collection of dolls. I’m afraid this is just the beginning though – but it’s in the name of history, right? Quincy has other American Girl dolls, but I love the significance of the BeForever™ characters and how important they are to her learning about the world she lives in.

Playing with Maryellen

I can’t think of a better way for Quincy to be excited about Kindergarten than to teach Maryellen everything she is learning too! After all, don’t our dolls make the best studymates?

Alphabet American GirlWe’re starting to read Maryellen’s books at bedtime too, a chapter a night. I love getting to know Maryellen and we look forward to learning about her and joining her on her adventures. Before I know it, Quincy will reading these books to herself so I’m enjoying the time while I can!

The One & Only Vol 1-LR

Back to School is a week away, and don’t tell Quincy, but I just might be the one that plays with Maryellen!
We love Maryellen Larkin!

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  1. Oh I love Maryellen! She is so cute! Love the styling and Quincy seems to be in love! They are cute together!

  2. I just love the BeForever dolls. We have Kit and Julie, and they’ve been such a sweet part of my girls’ lives. Maryellen looks adorable!

  3. Oh, my, gosh- they have matching shrugs- isn’t that just the cutest thing ever! My cousins all grew up with American Girl dolls, I remember them telling me the story for every single doll! These characters have such great potential for teaching young girls about diversity!

  4. I love American Girl dolls. She looks so cute in her matching sweater! I think it’s so wonderful that each one comes with a book too. Although my husband is older than MaryEllen. Hmmmmm

  5. That’s just adorable. I love the little school area you set up for her.

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