What are the Bare Necessities of Your Family?

The Jungle Book as we know is about family, and that family is not always what we traditionally think is. Thanks to Disney for inviting me to take part in the release of The Jungle Book on Blu-Ray.

Defining family something that’s hard for me to put into words. My husband and I live across the country from all of ours. My kids don’t really know their cousins and see their grandparents infrequently. We often rely on our friends to create memories with us.

Here’s a collection of some of our family memories over the last 24 years, putting this together I realized I’m horrible at capturing memories on film. 🙂

September 1992, Wilmington College, maybe 2 weeks after Alan and I first met. Little did we know what the future had in store.
Wilmington College, Friends Hall 1992

Fast forward to March 24, 2007. Don’t bother doing the math. I get it. It took us awhile.

Photo by Bryce Mohan Photography

Photo by Bryce Mohan Photography

and on January 10, 2008 our family grew and our son Sebastian “Sebby” was born. He spent 11 days in the NICU due to complications from his birth. This is our first family photo, several days after he was born.


We were cool, our family of 3. We did fun things like go to Walt Disney World, lots of ferry rides and days in the park.

sebby 6 months

Or going to the pumpkin patch.


We decided that Sebby needed a sibling, and in December 2009 we made the announcement that a little sister would be arriving in August 2010. And we kept her name a secret. 🙂

sister announcement

But she had other plans.

baby announcement

Quincy didn’t want to wait, and she made her presence known, coming in to the world at 32 weeks, 3 days into my pregnancy. Here she is, all of 15 minutes old, breathing on room air. (I can’t say the same for me.

15 minutes old

And then we were four.

We had more adventures, like meeting Mater.


and having fun as a family.

Photo Credit: Keri Meyers Photography

Photo Credit: Keri Meyers Photography

and we Marched for Babies like Quincy.


and picked more pumpkins (I want to point out this 2011, and look how petite Quincy still was)

halloween 2011

and of course, our family of 4 went to Hawaii, which was still one of our favorite vacations.


Then in May of 2012, we bought our first home.


We were so excited to have a nice big yard for the kids to play in, and enough bedrooms to have a playroom.



A new arrival was coming in March 2013.

So, like any family who was getting a surprise edition, we got a kitten, who Sebby called Milo.


We kept the name and gender of our 3rd baby a secret until March 11, 2013.


Yep, we are that good.


We’ve been on more adventures, and went to the most magical place on earth.



We have fun.


and decided to get another kitten because family life isn’t crazy enough.


She’s our buddy.


We’re silly.


We visited my home town of Ocean City, MD the summer of 2015.


We went back to Disneyland, and took Nanni and Poppi.(my Mom and Step Dad)Breakfast at Ariel's Grotto #DreamBigPrincess #InspireBigDreams AD
We met Tigger. He’s my favorite.


and then, shortly after we got back from Disneyland, we we were invited to Walt Disney World.


and this summer? We went to Vancouver BC to see Alan’s sister and her family.


We’ve created a lot of memories over the years, and we’ll be creating more.

Share The Jungle Book with your family, and create your own memories.

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