Blogged: When reply alls actually go right #FederatedMediaReplyAll2015

It started out as a harmless email from another blogger, Kelly at Studio DIY, inquiring about a payment discrepancy for Federated Media at about 8pm last night. The thing is, I don’t work for Federated Media. I don’t even have their ads on my site (something I clearly need to fix based on Kelly’s email) so I hit reply (so I thought) with:

“I have NO idea why I am receiving this email I’m not in charge of payments of any sort at Federated Media.


Except I didn’t hit reply. I hit reply all.

As was instantly obvious to the 100+ emails I was about to receive.

Out of office replies
Delivery Status Notification Failures
A couple “I’m not blogging anymore” auto responses.
A honeymooner (congratulations Molly)
Some pretty epic trips (um, India!)
Quite a few “How did I get on this list?” were in the mix too.

and of course, responses like mine “me either”

And it quickly became oh so obvious that the publishers@federatedmedia email address was a listserv for ALL publishers at Federated Media. Including people like Guy Kawasaki and Kevin Kelly. Yes. Everyone.

This may have become one of the most epic Reply-ALL fails ever.

Because then the emails about not replying all started. They were however, replying all. Because you know… At least some people used the word “Please”.

and then the fun began:

“This is gonna be an awesome thread! Let me get the popcorn…” Olena O.

Since we are all bloggers, (mostly) we started talking. Networking.

Isn’t that what we do?

And it begins with “Since we’re all here, check out my blog LOL :)”

“I’m missy. I like moonlight strolls and quesadillas. Bahaha! This is HILARIOUS!!” Missy Maki

Hello. Is this mic on? – Kevin Kelly

And then with this email, I visited my first blog from the email chain.

“I just wanted to reply all – to tell everyone to stop replying all. 🙂

This email made my night. Which tells you just how boring my night was.


Nicole is a food blogger. And OMG.Visiting her site made me hungry

So I tweeted this:

and thus, started the hashtag #FederatedMediaReplyAll2015 somehow, it caught on. Rumor has it that it even trended. (Make sure you find me on Twitter and I’ll add you to the Twitter list too. I’m @iamthemaven)

We kept talking… despite the people asking us to stop replying all.

Then there was this reply from Virgil:

“I love taking my girlfriend on long walks on the beach, until I realize the LSD has worn off and I am dragging a mannequin around a Wendy’s parking lot by the arm.”

and I really liked this one from StacyKnows “Congrats on the $4055.98 payment. What’s your secret ? PlZ reply all. ”

From Tia “I’m totally lost…
But u guys can follow me on Instagram at @willbrunchforfood” (You’ve been followed Tia)

So many food bloggers…

“Everyone loves gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, right? If so, head to

Have a great night and many dreams filled with delicious grilled cheeses.

Long live the grilled cheese,


Don’t get me wrong, there were a lot of angry emails scolding others for replying all. But for the most part, it was fun. A good read, a sense of community. That’s what bloggers do. We build relationships.

“This is by far the most polite accidental RTA thread I’ve seen to date. That was a quick way to make new blog friends. Thanks for that.


Victoria Cheng

Kelly’s email created a world-wide conversation amongst bloggers. Friendships were formed. New blogs were discovered.

And hopefully, she got paid.

How is that a bad thing?

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Kerri Jablonski AKA The Maven lives in Seattle,WA with her 3 kids (2008, 2010, 2013), husband, cats and backyard chickens. Two of her children have special needs. Kerri enjoys cooking, travel, movies and spending time with her family.


  1. I feel like the fates were at work on having me included in this email. Or maybe I’ve been reading too much Percy Jsckson w/ w/ my 10 yr old. Either way, this whole thing made Twitter fun for the first time in, like, ever.

  2. That hash tag was so much more better than the emails. You made my morning and TL entertaining! Thank you!!

  3. This is so fantastic! That was the very first time since #IFBC last year that Twitter was actually fun. Thanks for doing that, and this. LOVE the recap!

  4. This is such an awesome post, and really such a great network happening! By the way!! LOVE your website make-over… LOVE.IT.

  5. Cindy R Your Neighbor says:

    Hi, Kerri:

    What’s it worth for you to break me in to the Twitter world? I was impressed with myself when I learned to Pin last month.


  6. LOVE this post as I was a part of the fun too, joined the hashtag and group because of it, and met so many cool people through such a silly situation. Personally, I’d been struggling to find the right niche to meet fellow bloggers such as myself to interact with and so this was a godsend. I’ve had so much fun this week interacting with some of these people. I have a post in the works about this story as well! 🙂

    Nice to have met you, new friend, I do hope we continue to interact.

  7. Yep. I was there – loved every minute of it lol.


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