Blogging Conference Fashion – Dresses at Kohl’s

I participated in an Ambassador program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Kohl’s. I received Kohl’s gift cards and sample pieces to facilitate my posts and as a thank you for participating.

Blogging Conference Fashion #SpringforKohls #Sponsored #MC.jpgI can’t believe we are barely in April and I’ve already been to TWO blogging conferences. With two more coming up before the end of May, I really need to do some  shopping. One day last week, I put the big kids on the bus and Edison and I headed to my local Kohl’s, equipped with Kohl’s Cash, a gift card and my wallet.

My goal? To find two fabulous dresses I could wear different ways both at my two upcoming conferences (one that is THIS WEEK) that were fashionable and comfortable to wear. Sometimes it’s nice to wear a dress on just a regular day instead of my usual summer attire of capris and t-shirts.

I walked the store several times, checking out my choices from great brands like Apt 9, Lauren Conrad, Sonoma and many others. I saw a lot of dresses that were so not me, and a lot I really loved. I took about 8 dresses into the fitting room for the first run. The first dress I tried on, I loved! Score! I love the skinny belt (which is so swappable) AND this ELLE dress has POCKETS! Perfect for conferences because you always need a place to stash business cards.

ELLE Dress

Then it just went downhill for awhile, and I was so sad. This adorable little tan dress from Jennifer Lopez? It came in pink too, but it was just not going to happen. And I found out, that even at 5’7 and slender, sometimes maxi dresses, which are a huge trend this spring, were not meant to be. Here are some of the dresses I tried on that did not come home with me. I loved the floral dress, also from ELLE, but it didn’t really look all that great WITHOUT the jacket. Trust me.

Four other dresses I tried

How was it possible with so many dresses to keep crashing and burning? I will confess, part of the problem is I am REALLY picky when it comes to dresses. On my final swoop of the store, a cool retro dress from Simply Vera caught my eye. It was in the Petites department, so I hadn’t seen it before. I hedged by bets, grabbed my size and hoped for the best. if anything, it would just be a little short, right?

OMGEE cutest dress ever. This dress fit perfectly and it’s going to be super easy to dress up for those blogging conference cocktail parties and dress down for a little fun (enter the red boots)

Simply Vera Dress

The jewelry department at Kohl’s is AWESOME and they have a simply fabulous collection of statement necklaces. It was actually hard to choose. I fully admit to killing my cellphone battery texting photos to my mom for feedback. 🙂 Whoops.

Check out my blogging conference fashion looks I found at Kohl’s

The black fitted dress with it’s simple pattern by ELLE is really easy to accessorize. Whether I swap out the blue belt or remove it entirely it’s easy to change the look. Even changing the style of shoes or handbag will give it a face lift. This is especially great when traveling to places where people will say, hey didn’t you wear that last month. (Just kidding, do people really say that?) Dress this adorable dress down with a fitted denim jacket. Perfection.

For a dressier look, this textured black dress from Simply Vera is a no brainer for me. It’s definitely my style and the details in the neck and hemline make it feminine without being too frilly – this girl doesn’t do tons of florals. Fashion trend or not. Add a fabulous statement necklace and some great shoes and you have a great look. I’m excited to incorporate some of the things in my own closet to wear with this.

All of these look boards are from Poluvore, so if you click on them, you can find the items to purchase.


Changing a belt, changing shoes, swapping out a necklace or bag are all easy ways to change the look of this simple printed dress by ELLE.

ELLE Dress - Look 1
ELLE Dress - Look 2
ELLE Dress, Look 3

Simply Vera dress looks

Two different evening looks, and then a casual one. The red boots let my inner punk girl shine!

Simply Vera - Evening Look
Simply Vera - Evening Look 2
Simply Vera - Funky Look

Enough about my dresses, Peter Som DesigNation is launching THIS WEEK!

Okay, enough about me shopping for dresses at Kohl’s…here’s what’s important. Remember last week I gave you that sneak peek of the new Peter Som collection? It hit’s stores April 10th! In fact, the presale is happening RIGHT NOW!! Are you excited? I know I am!

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  1. I don’t have a Kohls locally but after seeing the clothes you picked up, I will have to start checking them out on the internet. Thank you for introducing me to a new store.

  2. Jennifer Hiles says:

    I’m in love with little black dresses. You look so cute in it! My favorite outfit is the black dress with the Croft Barrow white handbag, Necklace and Apt. 9 Strappy Dress Heels Women. That outfit is very fashionable! You are going to rock the blogging conference.

  3. Simple and classy styles. That red jewel bracelet is stunning with the black dress. Little accents like that are such a statement!

  4. Those dresses looke nice on you, even the ones you didn’t like. I’m glad to see that Kohl’s is now carrying dresses. I remember back in 2008 going there because I had two weddings that year and having to ask where the dresses were. They didn’t have any then! I guess they wised up.

  5. You picked two amazing looking dresses. i love Elle and Vera, they’re my go-to at Kohls. I’m also very picky about dresses, I hardly wear them so that’s probably why-I’m uncomfortable in so many styles. Even the ‘fails’ that you took into the dressing room still looked good.

  6. These are all beautiful dresses, Kohl’s has got some great fashion, I need to pay them a visit. Thank you for sharing this post.

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