Bee Love: Edison’s new Boppy Garden Patch Play Gym

Since I love my Boppy nursing pillow and Total Body Pillow, I didn’t think twice about reaching out to them for a play gym. They generously sent me the Boppy Garden Patch Play Gym for Edison a few weeks ago, and we’ve been enjoying it since!

With three little ones, I’ve tried a number of different activity mats, and there are some features about the Boppy Garden Patch Play Gym that are really quite fantastic.

boppy garden patch play gym

Boppy Garden Patch Play Gym

The Boppy Garden Patch Play Gym is bright and cheery without being a total eye sore. You know what I’m talking about right? This play gym is not like that at all! I really love that in addition to the adorable 6 developmental toys included, there is also a mini-Boppy that is perfect for tummy time!

play gym toys

The six included toys are:

a crinkly book
a pod of peas
a bunch of carrots
a happy snail
a lettuce mirror

and Edison’s favorite: a musical and light up bee. We refer to it as BEE LOVE.

bee love

and when I say LOVE, I mean it. What’s not to love? Flashing lights that capture his attention, fun playful music (that’s not grating to mama) and bright cheerful colors. Edison is just figuring out that he has to bop the bee a bit to get him to play, usually I have to do it for him.

The Boppy Garden Patch Play Gym is easy to set up out of the box. The arch may be a bit smushed when you first pull it out, but if it’s like mine, it did bounce back pretty quick. The arch simply attaches to the 4o″ x 40″  mat with loops – which means not only is the mat easy to wash, it’s easy to take places too. WIN.

They toys attach on sliders so you can adjust where they are on the arch, which I think is pretty brilliant. I also love that they don’t have clips so they become a “regular” toy when they aren’t on the arch – in other words no hard plastic for older siblings to bop Edison with. (That would never happen, right?)

He’s almost 3 months so he’s just starting to take a swing at the toys and scootch on the mat a bit. I’ve found I need to keep his socks off because the mat is slippery. As he gets older I know this will frustrate him.

Overall we’re pretty happy with our Boppy Garden Play Patch Gym. Once Edison gets more mobile and starts grabbing at toys, though, is when it will really be put to the test!!

Do you have a little one that would love the Boppy Garden Play Patch Gym?

Disclosure: I was provide a sample product for the purpose of this review. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

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  1. How absolutely adorable!! Love all of the features on this activity mat. We haven’t had to use one for quite a while but it was a BIG part of our life back then. And an activity mat is exactly what I gravitate towards when I see baby registries for my friends.

  2. I love the garden theme! It’s such a unique theme and a fun way to go gender neutral!

  3. How cute! I’ve had a few different play mats for my kiddos but this is one of the cutest I have seen! Those little peas and carrots are adorable.. 🙂

  4. It is totally cute! My son loved his that we had and was content to play for a long time with his. We will be on the lookout for a new one with 3.0 so thank-you for sharing! He is getting so big 🙂

  5. What an adorable toy. I love the bright colors and usefulness of it. Also, Edison is so cute.

  6. That is too cute! We just got a play mat for Lil Miss and it doesn’t light up or anything. Just has the toys and toy bar. It’s cute, but definitely not as interactive! I didn’t even think of Boppy when I was looking – I will have to see what other kinds of goodies Boppy sells!

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