This 4 Ingredient Breakfast Fries Recipe is SO EASY!

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Try these easy 4 Ingredient Breakfast Fries #SpringIntoFlavor #ad

About twice a year, my Mom takes the train across the country. Her visits normally coincide with my birthday in May, and back to school for the kids. Her visits, usually accompanied by my step-dad, gives us a reason to step up our meals a bit. Something beyond the typical burgers and fries that seems to frequent our table.

Delicious! 4 Ingredient Breakfast Fries #SpringIntoFlavor #ad

It’s no secret I like to cook. Like at all. And it’s no secret that breakfast for dinner is one of my favorite things. I am not talking about a bowl of cereal here. Or even pancakes. I’m talking over easy eggs, bacon, salsa with toast to dip in those delicious runny yokes, or, in this case, Alexia Rosemary Fries to dip into those yolks. Otherwise known as Breakfast Fries. I get that a lot of people would say well, why not use hashbrowns. But let me tell you, the flavor of the Alexia Rosemary Fries is what takes this to a whole new level. Oh they are so good!

Easy and delicious breakfast fries #SpringIntoFlavor #ad

Breakfast fries are one of those meals that beg to be served at any time of day, and they look amazingly complicated but they are just oh so easy. Their simplicity makes them perfect for a crowd, or just family in town, say, for a birthday brunch.

Breakfast Fries

Serves 4 adults
1 bag Alexia Rosemary Fries
1 package bacon
2 avocados
8 fresh eggs

1. First, bake your bacon in the oven. Trust me on this, the flavor you get from preparing your bacon this way beats the pan any day, and please, respect your meat and don’t you dare microwave it.

2. Once your bacon is done, crank up the oven a bit and bake the ENTIRE BAG of Alexia Rosemary Fries.

3. Meanwhile, slice your avocado.

4. Once your bacon is cooled, your fries are done, and your avocado sliced, it’s time to fry up your eggs. I like to prepare mine over easy in a bit of coconut oil, but you can prepare them however you’d like.

6. Layer your plate with fries, bacon and avocado. Top with your egg. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Try very very hard not to go back for seconds.

Now I confess, I’m thinking about more recipe ideas. I’m eyeing these Alexia Crispy Onion Rings and thinking they are going to be might tasty with an egg cracked in them, cooked to perfection and on top of a burger, and well the Alexia Sweet Potato Fries with Sea Salt? I’ll just enjoy them all by themselves, or swap out the Rosemary Fries one of these times. Total yum.

Enjoy this easy breakfast fries recipe #SpringIntoFlavor #adWhat will you put on YOUR breakfast fries?

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  1. Stopping in from Made by you Monday – We don’t have those kind of fries here, but I love the idea of dipping it into the egg yolk, and anything with avocado is a hit in my house! Thanks for the idea.

  2. This sounds sooo yummy! Thanks for sharing!

  3. why have i never thought to have fries for breakfast!?!? alexia fries are our faves & can’t wait to try the rosemary ones out. pinning & sharing!

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