Bring Home All of the Disney Princesses!

Bring home all the Disney Princesses, Sept. 6 – Oct. 17!I have the best news for you about ALL of the Disney Princesses! While I was in LA for the premier of Pete’s Dragon last month, I got the scoop on some exciting princess news PLUS a sneak peak at some Disney Consumer Products that are going to be making their way on to my Christmas List.

So what’s the news about all of the Disney Princesses?

For the first time ever, the unforgettable Disney Princess films will all be available for purchase at the same time, Sept. 6 – Oct. 17!

That’s right. All of the Disney Princesses.

In celebration of the “Beauty and the Beast” 25th Anniversary Edition, this classic will be released as part of The Walt Disney Signature Collection and in celebration of the event, for the first time ever, all 11 Disney Princess films are being made available to bring home at the same time, Sept. 6 – Oct. 17.

What this means for me is finally replacing some of those old VHS copies with remastered Blu-Ray versions AND introducing my kids to some really fun Disney Princess Movies.

Make sure you have all the Disney Princesses movies in your collection!

Check your collections, and see if you’re missing any of these 11 Disney films: “Beauty and the Beast,” “Aladdin,” “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” “Tangled,” “Cinderella,” “The Little Mermaid,” “Sleeping Beauty,” “The Princess and the Frog,” “Brave,” “Pocahontas,” and “Mulan.”


I’ll be needing “Beauty and the Beast, “Tangled,”  “The Princess and the Frog,” ““Pocahontas,” and “Mulan” to complete my Disney Princess collection.

and maybe we’ll some more of these sweet princess dolls from Disney Consumer Products. We have a few of them, but I’m thinking we need them all. Eventually of course.

Disney Princess Dolls

Quincy loves Disney Princesses. They inspire her to dream big, to be brave and try new things. She even has a dream board above her desk in her room to remind her to be the best she can be!

Fulfill your daughter's dreams with a vision board and art center #InspireBigDreams #DreamBigPrincess AD

Look at these Disney Princess Gift Ideas!

The sneak peak of Disney Princess products was a lot of fun. From the beautiful dolls I mentioned above, to Disney handbags from Loungefly, to personalized books, sweet pocket sized dolls and singing tea carts. And Princess inspired LEGO sets? Quincy has had her eyes on those for months, so someone please put in a good word with Santa!

Love these Disney Princess Gift Ideas!

Quincy and I are going to have to have a Disney Princesses Marathon, starting today with Beauty and the Beast on Disney Movies Anywhere – our favorite way to watch Disney movies at home and on the go. The special Walt Disney Signature Collection edition that comes out on September 20th even has a sing along version. Cannot wait!

You can buy all the Disney Princess movies digitally on Disney Movies Anywhere!

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Beauty and the Beast
The Princess and the Frog
The Little Mermaid
Sleeping Beauty
Snow White

Love all the Disney Princesses? Hurry, you have until October 17th to pick up all 11 films!

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