Bye Bye Monsters!

Did you know that there are GOOD monsters?!? That’s right! There are monsters that are cute and friendly and watch over you while you sleep! They even help keep the bad monsters away!

I recently read the adorable children’s book “Bye-Bye Monsters” by author (and mom) Kelly Lucente. If your little one is having trouble sleeping at night because he’s worried about the monsters hiding under the bed and in the closet, then he needs to hear the story of Joey and his monster friend, Barley! Barley and Joey have adventures on Monster Street where they help the GOOD monsters and defeat the bad ones with their special organic monster repellant (which smells yummy by the way – but don’t tell the monsters that!)

“Bye Bye Monsters” is a delightful story that both you and your child will enjoy! Whether you need to battle the monsters or are just looking for a wonderful story, this one is a winner in my book!
If you’d like to learn more about Kelly’s book or Joey and Barley, check out

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