The Capital One Banking Reimagined Tour in Seattle

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Welcome to the Capital One Banking Reimagined Tour in Seattle
When the Capital One Banking Reimagined Tour rolled into Seattle on February 17th, my friend Kim of Stuffed Suitcase and I headed down to Westlake Park to see what it was all about, and explore more about our financial goals.

Kim and I didn’t know what to expect, but we soon found out as we were fully immersed in the experienced. Armed with lattes, I went first. If you missed it on Facebook Live, you can see my whole experience at the video at the bottom of this post. 🙂 (Thanks to Kim for being my photo model and fellow participant! 🙂 She’s a great supportive blogger!)

Taking the first steps at Banking Reimagined

I got my personalized card and scanned it at kiosk, and answered a few basic questions to get started. Not to worry, no super personal information was shared! By sharing my name and email it allowed them to collect my information and videos to share with me after the tour.

Now, the hard part. Over to the Capital One trailer to answer questions on a big interactive screen. Personal questions about my values and money. It’s harder than you think. Way harder. You are choosing your values and financial decisions like a buying a home or going on a dream vacation, or maybe a new car.

Answering questions at Capital One Banking Reimagined TourAnswering the questions lead me to a goal I already knew deep down, which is expanding my business and defining my brand.

Next up was an augmented reality experience which was a little wild – I had the opportunity to interact with a virtual world.

Augmented reality at Capital One

Finally, I had 6 seconds to send a message to my future self. This is the one place I wish I had taken a 2nd run at it (don’t worry, you can!) to give myself a  more definitive message. After recording the video reminding me to do my changes to improve my business, I chose a time to send it to myself to remind myself of my goals.

Recording a video messageNo experience would be complete without a selfie to represent my new goal!

After my Banking Reimagined experience, it was Kim’s turn. I have to say, I think we both learned a lot, and it gave us things to think about. I shared this experience with a fellow blogger and friend so we’d hold each other accountable.
Taking a selfie with Kim

Find  the #BankingReimagined Tour in your city, here are the upcoming tour dates:
Chicago, IL: March 4-5
Miami, FL: March 11-12
Short Pump, VA: March 18-19
Boston, MA: March 25-26
Philadelphia, PA: April 1-2
Austin, TX: April 8-9

For more information on the Capital One #BankingReimagined Tour, visit their website.

Capital One Banking Reimagined Tour Seattle

Later this year you will be able to get the full #BankingReimagined Experience when TWO Capital One cafes open in the greater Seattle area complete with free wi-fi, Peet’s Coffee, lots of seating and opportunities to chat with a Money Coach about your goals. Once they open, I’ll be sharing about my experience there too, so stay tuned!

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