Get ready for Disney’s The Good Dinosaur with these Dinosaur Crafts!

Dinosaur crafts for kids!

Are you excited about The Good Dinosaur? I know Edison is. Every time the previews come on the TV he jumps up and down and gets all excited. The kids are off school next week for Thanksgiving, so I thought it’d be fun to do some dinosaur crafts with them. Dinosaur Crafts 1. Dinosaur Footprint […]

15 Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

Gobble Gobble! Do not miss these adorable Thanksgiving Crafts for kids!

Quincy is going to be over the moon when she sees this awesome list of Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids! My guess is she’ll be dragging me to the local craft store to spend a small fortune on supplies. Just a guess.

Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

pumpkin decorating ideas

Need some pumpkin decorating ideas? Here are 25 that have both carved and non carved options!! Happy Halloween!

Spider Crafts for Kids

Spider Crafts for Kids

Quincy has been on a crafting spree since visiting my mom this summer. With Halloween around the corner it’s time to add some spook to her crafting, so I compiled this awesome list of spider crafts for kids! Which is your favorite?

Sebby and Shaun the Sheep Movie {plus a Quincy craft}

Shaun the Sheep Movie Puppets!

This post about Shaun the Sheep Movie is part of my Fandango Family Ambassadorship. “Where are we going on Wednesday?” “I don’t know Sebby, are we going?” “We’re going to see Shaun the Sheep” We saw the previews for Shaun the Sheep when we saw Disney/Pixar’s Inside Out earlier this summer. The we saw the […]

A Galactic Collection of Star Wars Crafts & Recipes

Star Wars Crafts and Recipes

You’ll find more than 25 Star Wars recipes and crafts to help keep you you busy until December 18th.