Give your emotions a good night sleep with this giveaway from Mattress Firm

Super wonderful Mattress Firm Inside Out Giveaway!#SleepEmotions #InsideOutEvent #ad

Haven’t seen Inside Out yet? Letting your EMOTIONS get the best of you? How about a good night sleep? I’m FINALLY seeing the rest of Inside Out tomorrow (after the crud ran through our house) and I’m going to make sure I’m well rested. The wonderful people at Mattress Firm want to make sure that […]

Inside Out: From Script to Screen


You guys, it’s my last post for my journey to Pixar Studios to learn about Inside Out that comes out THIS WEEK ON JUNE 19TH!! I hope you’ve enjoyed following along, and that you’ve gotten to learn a little more about the film, and the awesomeness that is Pixar. If you’re an average movie goer, […]

Discover Your Inner Champion: McFarland USA is on BluRay

McFARLAND, USA...Coach Jim White (Kevin Costner)..Ph: Film Frame..?Disney 2015

You ever have a movie you want to show your family to inspire them? To make your kids want to work harder even when things are rough? McFarland USA is that movie. In the tradition of Disney sports movies comes “McFarland, USA” based on a true story of underdogs triumphing over tremendous obstacles. This heartwarming […]

More is More S’more Brownies inspired by Inside Out


Inside Out opens in 9 days! Which means I’m getting lots of emails full of cool photos, trailer clips and activities surrounding the film. Oh, and did I mention recipes? Lots of recipes. Including one for Broccoli Pizza. Don’t worry, we won’t go there. BUT… You know what makes Joy happy? Chocolate. You know what […]

I LAVA you! (The story behind Pixar’s latest short)

Uke from the new Pixar short, LAVA #InsideOutEvent

Perhaps one of the biggest treats of screening the first 50ish minutes of Inside Out this spring was getting to see Pixar’s latest short, LAVA. We had a  LAVA themed reception full of tasty treats. Very tasty treats. Little did we know when we entered the screening room, we were going to get more than a […]

Maya The Bee Movie – Available Now At Walmart


Looking for a fun movie to start your summer break? How about Maya the Bee? This adorable well loved story will warm your heart, just it’s warmed children’s hearts since the story was first published in 1912. We were sent a press copy of this movie to enjoy for ourselves. It’s a nice break from […]