Gift Happy this Holiday Season with #HappyBox

Thank you Happy Box for sponsoring this post!Looking for one more holiday gift? Check out Happy Box! Happy Box is a collection of unique gift boxes perfect for friends, family, coworkers or … [Read more...]

Edison’s Dinotrux Gift Guide Picks!

Usually when Edison and I go shopping we stop by the toy department. If he sees any Dinotrux toys, the immediate reaction is "DinoROAR" So obviously when given the opportunity to have some for the … [Read more...]

Reasons to Give the Gift of Chocolate!

This is a Fashionista Event and a promotional item was provided to me by Chocolat Frey. Hosts for this event are Still Blonde after all these Years and ModlyChic.I love this time of year. The … [Read more...]

Add these great Ravi wine accessories to your home bar…

Holiday Gift Guide Picks - For the Wine Lover Have a friend who loves wine and you want a fun, simple and affordable gift for them? Check out these wine gifts  from Ravi Solution!When we opened … [Read more...]

Have allergies? Consider the Winix WAC5500 Hepa Air Purifier

Holiday Gift Guide Picks - For the Home It's crazy this time of year, but I learned about a new product this past week and I wanted to make sure you all knew about it. You might think I am nuts … [Read more...]

Since 3D is the latest & greatest, shouldn’t you have your OWN glasses?

Holiday Gift Guide Picks - For the Techie I don't get to movies often, it's not easy with kids. But when I do, these days it's generally to see a movie in 3D. I loathe those disposable 3D glasses … [Read more...]

Celebrations with Hickory Farms…

Holiday Gift Guide Picks - Easy Gifts for Everyone I have memories of the Hickory Farms gift boxes since my early childhood. Summer sausages and cheeses, little jars of mustard and foil wrapped candy … [Read more...]

Learn colors and numbers with Peek-a-shoe!

Holiday Gift Guide Picks - For the Toddler If you have a little one who loves putting balls into buckets, you will love Peek-a-Shoe™ Talking Octopus from our friends at LeapFrog.Little ones … [Read more...]

Breathe easier…

Holiday Gift Guide Picks - For the Home This may seem like an odd item to have in a Holiday Gift Guide, but it's an important one. From cooking smells, to pet dander and every day dust, the True HEPA … [Read more...]

Keep Cozy with Nomie Baby…

Holiday Gift Guide Picks - For the Baby! It's winter in Seattle. Which means chilly and often damp days. You'd think this would mean we are stuck in the house, but with our Nomie Baby stroller … [Read more...]

Pillow Pets – Now on Nintendo DS!!

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CubeBot is so much more than a Cube!

Holiday Gift Guide Picks - for the Older Child as featured on the Rebecca Michi Show We were introduced to CubeBot recently, and he's pretty cool. What's so great about this little wooden robot is … [Read more...]