Add these great Ravi wine accessories to your home bar…

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Holiday Gift Guide Picks – For the Wine Lover Have a friend who loves wine and you want a fun, simple and affordable gift for them? Check out these wine gifts  from Ravi Solution! When we opened our bottle of red wine on Thanksgiving, the cork broke. Oh nos! Luckily, we had just received the […]

Have allergies? Consider the Winix WAC5500 Hepa Air Purifier

air purifiers

Holiday Gift Guide Picks – For the Home It’s crazy this time of year, but I learned about a new product this past week and I wanted to make sure you all knew about it. You might think I am nuts recommending air purifiers for my Holiday Gift Guide, but to a family with allergies, […]

Who is Chatman? {giveaway}


Holiday Gift Guide Picks – For the Tween Who is Chatman?  He’s your Internet safety friend! If your tween is surfing the Internet, Chatman needs to come live at your house. Chatman is a bright yellow, interactive emoticon-like character. His job is to keep your children safe while they are online. He serves as a Internet safety friend of […]

Since 3D is the latest & greatest, shouldn’t you have your OWN glasses?

10-3-11- EX3D - Grace - Women's- Low-Res - FINAL

Holiday Gift Guide Picks – For the Techie I don’t get to movies often, it’s not easy with kids. But when I do, these days it’s generally to see a movie in 3D. I loathe those disposable 3D glasses they hand out. They aren’t comfortable, they just work “okay” and I don’t want to think […]

Celebrations with Hickory Farms…

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Holiday Gift Guide Picks – Easy Gifts for Everyone I have memories of the Hickory Farms gift boxes since my early childhood. Summer sausages and cheeses, little jars of mustard and foil wrapped candy strawberries. Office party nostalgia. And since my mom worked in real estate, we’re talking a lot of Hickory Farms! I know […]

Fingerprint Releases 5 Mobile Apps for Kids Just in Time for The Holidays!

game play

Holiday Gift Guide Picks – For your Apple Device We’ve had some fun the past few days with the newly released educational apps from Fingerprint Play. I’m big on educational apps. Especially when they are fun. The games we’ve tried are both parent friendly in setup and kid friendly in play. That’s important to me. […]